5 Things That Make ’90-Day Fiancé UK’ Different From The US Version!

It’s 90 Day Fiancé Sunday and we found the top 5 reasons that make the UK version of the TLC spinoff feel like an entirely different show!

The 90-Day Fiancé universe has been expanding and we are all here for the spinoffs! With the expansion of the original show to the UK, we are noticing how some of the things we knew might be a little different this time around!

The Timeline

One of the first things we began to notice about the UK version of 90 Day is that the timeline for obtaining a spousal visa is much different overseas. According to www.gov.uk the process of the spousal visa can exceed way past the 90 days, unlike in the US. The spousal visa can take up to 6 months which makes it a way more extensive process.

The Accents

We are all in love with the posh British accents even if they are a little harder to understand sometimes! Reddit users agree that it’s one of the best things this spinoff has to offer and the sound of the British accents appears to be a fan favorite.

Pillow Talk?

Unfortunately, TLC has not made any official announcement yet about a 90-Day UK Pillow Talk. Fans have been suspecting that there might be a Pillow Talk next season instead since it is usually the previous season’s cast members that comment on the new one.

The Couples

This spinoff is full of intriguing characters with very bright personalities which everyone is starting to love. From the “naturist” quiz night Richard was hosting in episode 3 to the 40-year age gap between lovebirds Sam and Pat, 90 Day UK has a very promising and eccentric cast that fans felt was missing from recent spinoffs.

The Drama

The Drama or the “Tea” which seems more appropriate here, has also proven to be a little different this time around. Fans throughout social media have pointed out that the tea in the UK version feels more authentic and less forced.

Stream all the new 90-Day Fiancé UK episodes exclusively now on Discovery+ and let us know what you think is different about this new spinoff!

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