5 Takeaways from This Year’s Billie Eilish Vanity Fair Interview

Each year for the past four years, Billie Eilish has sat down with Vanity Fair for an on-camera interview!

It’s that time of the year again!

Each year for the past four years, Billie Eilish has sat down with Vanity Fair to do a deep-dive interview. Whether you’re a Billie superfan or casual listener, you have to admit it is amazing to watch a megastar’s career grow over the course of 4 years. And man, has it changed.

Billie’s first-ever interview with them begins when she was just 15-years-old. She had just around 250,000 Instagram followers, a stark contrast to her now over 60 million. Along with this, she also has earned 5 Grammy awards, something 15-year-old her would have been dreaming about.

If you’re as interested in her insane progression as we are, check out these 5 takeaways from her 2020 interview.

She speaks to other stars for support and guidance

It’s fair to say that being in the limelight and constantly watched by the public is something most of us can not relate to. However, Billie mentions that for guidance and mental support, she speaks to artists like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. She even states that Katy Perry has offered support to her during difficult times.

This year has taken a toll on her

While Billie acknowledges that she has had a much easier year than most, she admits the current situations have taken a toll on her. She also mentioned that during the first month of these tougher times, she was far less creative; however, that completely changed for the better.

She acknowledges the power of her platform

Billie makes it clear that she believes in using her platform for impact rather than nothing. With police brutality and systemic racism still impacting the lives of so many today, Billie makes a promise that she will not stop fighting for the lives of those affected.

She has music on the way

Billie notes that she has a total of 16 songs currently in the works! That sounds like a lot of music coming down the pipe and we can’t wait to hear it. She even mentions that she absolutely loves each of the songs she’s working on. It sounds like fans will be in for a treat!

Some things never change

Things that have not changed in Billie’s life include her close-knit family. She states that her brother is still one of her best friends, something she has mentioned in every interview so far. Her mother also joined her at the end of the video, something that has also happened each year. They leave off on a hug and a positive note together.

If you’re interested in watching Billie’s interview for yourself, you can check it out on Vanity Fair’s Youtube page!

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