5 Surprising Moments From ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’!

After 3 exciting Thor movies over the past decade, Marvel continued its streak by serving fans a great 4th one! Here are some of the most surprising moments from the film.

**This aritcle contains spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder**

5 years after the latest film and the fourth Thor movie has taken the world by storm during its opening weekend. Thor: Love and Thunder opening is the fifth highest for a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie! If you are already waiting till you can see the film again then check out 5 surprising moments from to spark some joy!

The Large Screaming Goats

After saving an alien planet in the beginning of the film. Their god had and offering for Thor, a “thank you gift” if you will. This was not just a simple card or flowers though, he gifted Thor 2 massive screaming goats that are truly everything. Not only did they provide comedic relief throughout the movie, they were wildly feisty and adorable.

The Fight With Zeus

As Thor, Mighty Thor, Valkyrie and Korg attempt to get the help of the mighty god Zeus things don’t go as planned. Thor not only stole “Thunderbolt” his iconic staff but also stabs him with it. Zeus fell many, many feet. However, as seen in the first post credit scene, Zeus does not die. The scene was intense and thrilling and leaves the audience wondering… what’s next?

Korg Dying, But Coming Back To Life

During the Zeus fight, Thor thought Korg was killed…but he was not. His face is the only living part of his body and it didn’t break. And even better, his body grew back by the end of the film, and he met his partner Dwanye–we love a happy ending!

Post Credit #2 – Jane Foster Ending Up In Valhalla

Valhalla, is where gods who have fallen in battle go for the afterlife. Although Jane is still human, her last couple months as Mighty Thor rightfully helped her earn her place. Jane hoped she would make it there, but was not sure if she would. It was thrilling to see her reaction when she realized she had.

Gor’s Daughter Becoming Thor’s “Niece”

As Thor mourns the loss of Jane Foster, he gains a niece… Love—the daughter of Gor the God Butcher. They become known as Love and Thunder moving forward, an iconic duo saving many planets. And on another note, Love, in real life, is Chris Hemsworth’s daughter, India Hemsworth. How cute!!

Now we must wait for hopefully the 5th Thor movie…Until then, time to rewatch the Thor Collection on Disney+!

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