5 Songs by Queer Artists to Get You Through Any Heartbreak.

It’s time for a spring cleanse. Miley Cyrus, Kehlani, and more of your favorite queer artists have the best songs to get you through!

As winter comes to a close, and spring is on the brink. The age old adage, ‘out with the old, in with the new,’ is quite fitting, as many will enter spring newly single and ready for a fresh start. We’re almost a month out from Valentine’s day, and you may have realized some rough truth’s about your relationship status, but don’t fret; these songs by some of our favorite seasoned and newer queer artists are sure to get you through.

Flowers by Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus made the breakup anthem of the year with her hit single “Flowers”! She came nothing short of breaking the internet with this track. Lesbian TikTok especially had a field day with this song, contributing to its immediate growth as a top trending sound on TikTok. “Flowers” still sits at number two on Billboard’s Top 100 charts after seven weeks. The music video, alongside the song, sends an empowering message to women that you don’t need anyone else to make you happy and fulfill your needs. Through singing her empowering lyrics, “I can buy myself flowers…I can take myself dancing / and I can hold my own hand. Yeah I can love me better than you can”, as she strolls along dancing happily and freely under a sky full of sun, she embodies the ways we can all embrace our independence and love ourselves.

Forfeit. (ft. Lucky Daye) by Kiana Ledé

This beautiful ballad about letting go is a track from queer artist Kiana Ledé’s debut album, Kiki. We’ve all been there, holding on to something that is no longer serving us and reaching the point of letting that person go. In the song, Kiana’s had enough and sings, “It’s about time we wrap this shit up.” If you can relate, this song is sure to give you the motivation you need to finally forfeit it all.

Green Eyes by Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks is a pioneering artist from the UK who’s taking over the pop indie scene with her luscious vocals and portrait-esque lyrics. “Green Eyes” will resonate with anyone who’s experienced the complexity of navigating a queer relationship in a heteronormative space. Understanding our identities is a process, and this song shares the heartache and pain when it becomes too difficult to handle. Arlo shares her authentic experience singing, “Of course I know why we lasted two months / Could not hold my hand in public / Felt their eyes judging our love.” This song is full of imagery on handling the trials and tribulations of identity in a queer relationship and will help you feel seen if you have ever experienced something like this.

Last Laugh by Fletcher

This single is a hard punching get back anthem that will get you fired up. FLETCHER is another one of Lesbian TikTok’s greatest obsessions, and “Last Laugh” captures the sentiment of revenge through a humorous message in her lyrics, “Is it a bird? / Is it a plane? / Nah, it’s me in your dreams / Or maybe call ‘em nightmares”. The song parallels the title, and the music video bolsters the theme with imagery of an assertive FLETCHER in different locations with a carefree badass attitude showing that she sure will get the last laugh.

On Guard (ft. 6lack) by Lauren Jauregui

“On Guard” is one of our favorites from Lauren’s debut EP, The Prelude. It’s all about protecting your heart and not falling into things too quickly. It’s easy to give into intuition and allow relationships to move fast, but Lauren reminds us in “On Guard” to “calm down; there’s no need to rush now.” In letting us know that love is fragile, this track also accents Lauren’s beautiful and soulful raspy voice as she belts the lyrics in the chorus, “On guard / Staying on guard / Gotta watch out for my heart / Never really know someone.” So listen to Lauren, let your relationships develop organically, but be vigilant and careful with your heart.

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