5 Shows to Get Anyone in a Fall Mood!

With Fall officially upon us and October here, now’s the perfect time to find something to watch that perfectly fits your mood this season!

Ah Fall, the season of crunchy leaves, chunky knit sweaters, and pumpkin-themed decor. But also, haunted houses, horror movies, and trick-or-treaters. When it comes time for the weather to change, everyone has their own way they do it. Which is why we’ve picked 5 shows for every kind of Fall enjoyer out there to watch this season!

Gilmore Girls

The absolute quintessential piece of Fall propaganda. Set in Connecticut, New England is famous for its gorgeous fall atmosphere and Stars Hollow is certainly no exception to that. Gilmore Girls is for people who love drama and coziness in their small towns and probably get excited about seasonal coffee drinks (rightfully so).


You can find Gilmore Girls now on Netflix.

Twin Peaks

Getting into the spooky side without diving all in, Twin Peaks takes us to the West Coast of the United States with its towering forests and unsettlingly quirky population as Agent Dale Cooper investigates the death of local teen, Laura Palmer. With the warmth of the original 90s film grain and its color palette, Twin Peaks is a shining example of how even the bizarre can become familiar and welcoming. It’s not exactly horror, but rather, a thriller with horror elements. It is a great transitional piece coming into October.


You can watch it now on Paramount+.

Stranger Things (Season 1)

Have you been thinking about doing a Stranger Things rewatch again? Well now’s the time, as the show originally started off during the Fall season! Beginning to step into the spookier side, while still maintaining more of a Goosebumps level of horror, this is perfect for those who aren’t ready to go full ghosts and ghouls, but still want a dose of that sweet, sweet childhood Fall nostalgia. It’s the kind of show that makes you wish you still had a bike to go ride in the middle of the street with your friends.


You can watch it now on Netflix.

The Haunting of Hill House

Loosely adapted from the Shirley Jackson book of the same name, The Haunting of Hill House is for the Halloween traditionalist in your life, who wants more of the gothic than the just plain scary. The Haunting of Hill House is a slow burn series that focuses heavily on the dynamics within the Crain family, thanks to Flanagan’s introspective writing style. However, the scares they do have, truly take their time and hit. It’s a satisfying, moody show that’s not afraid to get in the weeds.


You can find The Haunting of Hill House now on Netflix.

Over the Garden Wall

If you haven’t watched Over the Garden Wall and consider yourself a lover of all things fall; the cozy and the frightening? This is the show for you. Created by Patrick McHale and released by Cartoon Network in 2014, Over the Garden Wall has formed a loyal cult following over the years. Many of whom rewatch the show annually, and for good reason too!

Following two step-brothers—Wirt (played by Elijah Wood) and Greg—after falling into a land called “The Unknown”, the two try to find their way home and encounter what oddities lie within. It is an incredibly charming, thoughtful, and hilarious show that uses Fall not only as a setting but as a character in itself. This is a must-watch for animation and non-animation fans alike. It is almost impossible to not be won over by the show’s heart.


While, sadly, it was recently pulled from Max, Over the Garden Wall can still be found on Hulu or for rent on Amazon Prime.

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