5 Sexy Sports Films & TV Shows to Watch if You Loved ‘Challengers’!

With ‘Challengers’ recently hitting cinemas like a sexy sporty whirlwind, here are 5 more super sexy pieces of sports media that fans say are must-sees!

Everybody knows that watching people play sports can be really attractive, but somehow, sexy sports films remain a criminally underrated genre. Now that Luca Gaudaninos new hit movie Challengers has hit the theaters, people are finally waking up to just how hot sports movies can be. Here are just a few of the sexiest sports films and TV shows fans say you have to watch!


While this is definitely a movie to watch if you’re feeling more of a serious vibe, the film’s coloring and contagious soundtrack mixed with the physicality of the main character’s football obsession makes it one of the sexiest sports films. Along with Alexie Demie’s raw sexuality, It’s easy to understand why it was placed in the top 10 romance sports movies by IMDB


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A League of Their Own(2022)

This show might lean more towards a lesbian demographic, but its cast of actresses make it no wonder that it was described by some fans as having them “vibrating in my seat”.

Bull Durham

This film is definitely a classic, but not only a classic. The studly main character played by Kevin Costner is for the girls! Not only that but he has Entertainment Weekly saying that they “believe in the church of Bull Durham”.


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Fever Pitch

Baseball fans, this is the movie for you! Starring a young Jimmy Fallon, so sexy he has entire articles written about him in Glamour magazine by those facing crushes on the former SNL actor. The film not only features one of the cutest casts of any sports film, but dissects the impacts of the sports world on its fans.


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For those die hard tennis fans who just couldn’t satisfy their craving with Challengers, Wimbledon is a great follow up. Starring a young Kirsten Dunst involved in a romance, it’s the perfect sexy watch. Voted 180 of the best sports movies of all time. “After all,” says Entertainment Weekly, “there’s nothing like tennis to have you feeling love-all.” 

Hopefully these will be enough to show you just how sexy athletes can be on screen!

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