5 Romance Books Fans Want to See on the Big Screen!

The fans have spoken and picked their dream casts for popular Book-Tok romance books. Here are 5 adaptations we need to see on the big screen in the future!

BookTokers and Bookstagramers love to fan-cast their favorite books. Some authors even respond to accounts, hinting at a possible adaptation. Social media has opened up a way for fans to speak their minds and bond over shared opinions. See if your favorite romance book makes the cut and join the fan-casting fun!

Better Than the Movies

Liz and Wes used to be best friends when they were younger; however, they grew apart in high school. Wes becomes the popular guy, and Liz gets pushed into the shadows. When their old friend Michael returns to town, Liz makes it her mission to go to prom with him. Despite their mutual hatred, Wes agrees to help Liz win over Michael in exchange for the prime parking spot they fight over. One can only imagine what happens when two childhood friends rekindle their friendship.

Lynn Painter’s 2021 young-adult enemies to lovers romance novel is a rom-com lovers’ dream. Every chapter starts with a quote from a classic rom-com film. 

Some fans want Lola Tung to play Liz Buxbaum and Jack Champion to play Wes Bennet.

@lovingaoife everybody thank @kayla 📖 for this amazing fancast, because IM OBSESSED also the way I’ve never posted wes eventhough his name is literally in my user 😭😭 #booktok #booktokedit #betterthanthemovies #bttm #lynnpainter #lolatung #jackchampion #lizbuxbaum #wesbennett ♬ original sound – sam &lt3

Painter has responded to many Instagram posts with this fan cast, suggesting a possible adaption.

Painter continues the story through bonus chapters and a short story on her website. The second novel, Nothing Like the Movies, is set to hit the shelves in Fall 2024.

Things We Never Got Over

A runaway bride, Naomi Witt, finds herself in Knockemout with her evil twin sister’s daughter. She quickly gains attention in this small town, especially from a grumpy bar owner, Knox Morgan. When Naomi’s life implodes in front of Knox, the least he can do is help her. As soon as she’s out of trouble, he can return to his peaceful life, and she can return to her fiancé. But things take a turn when real danger enters their town, and Knox and Naomi are forced to work together.

Lucy Score’s 2022 grumpy meets sunshine romance novel is perfect for coffee lovers. This novel is part of the Knockemout series, which has two more books, Things We Hide from the Light and Things We Leave Behind. 

Some fans have expressed interest in the series being adapted into movies, with Chris Hemsworth as grumpy Knox Morgan, Lily Collins as ray of sunshine Namoi Witt, and Liam Hemsworth playing Knox’s brother and focus of the second book, Nash Morgan.

@tbrbookshelf Who I would cast if the tings we never got over was turned into a tv show/ movie! Just my opion & wanna hear who youd cast if it differs:) #booktok #bookworm #bookrecommendations #5starbook #thingswenevergotover #lucyscore #fancast #bookfyp ♬ Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2 – PinkPantheress & Ice Spice

Every Summer After

Persephone (Percy) Fraser spent her childhood summers in Barry’s Bay with her neighbor Sam Florek. They spent every minute together at the lake until one mistake changed everything. After not seeing each other for a decade, Percy returns to the lake for Sam’s mother’s funeral, where they are forced to confront the past. Told over six summers in the past and one in the present, the novel looks at the relationships that forever affect our lives.

Calrey Fortune’s debut young-adult second-chance romance novel quickly gained traction on BookTok. Many fans quickly fan-casted their favorite actors, hoping to see the story on the big screen. Most fans want Lauren Donzis as young Percy, Lily Collins as adult Percy, Gavin Casalengo as young Sam, and Rudy Pankow as adult Sam.

@readsbybelle I did post this on one of my other accs but I wanted to post this here since it’s book related 😊 #GenshinImpact34 #everysummerafterbook #booktok #FastTwitchContest #samflorek #percyfraser #books #edit #fyp #makemefamous #viral #spicyromcom #summerromance #younglove #secondchance #carleyfortune ♬ original sound – Belle


Figure skater Anastasia (Stassie) Allen has trained her whole life for a shot at Team USA. Similarly, hockey captain Nate Hawkins has worked his entire life to win a Stanley Cup. When their university’s ice rink gets destroyed, the hockey team is forced to share a rink with the figure skating team. Things get even worse when Anastasia’s skating partner gets injured, and Nate is the only one who can save her. However, Anastasia isn’t phased by heartthrob Nate because she could never fall for a hockey player, right?

Hannah Grace’s 2022 sports romance novel became an instant BookTok sensation. This book has many different fan casts, but some fans have sided with Jacob Elordi as Nate Hawkins and Madelyn Cline as Stassie.

@catherinesreadingnook the way this book has got me in a chokehold bc I use to figure skate 😩 #icebreaker #icebreakerhannahgrace #hannahgrace #anastasiaallen #nathanhawkins #booktok #maplehillseries ♬ Cruel Summer – Taylor Swift

The story continues with bonus chapters on Grace’s website. 

The Spanish Love Deception

Catalina Martín only has four weeks to find a date for her sister’s wedding in Spain after she lies to her sister about her American boyfriend. Her family, including her ex and fiancé, is eager to meet him. Enter Aaron Blackford, her handsome and condescending work colleague who offers to be her date. They spend more time together, and Catalina realizes he might not be as insufferable in the real world as he is at the office.

Elena Armas’ 202l novel combines every romance trope into one book. This enemies to lovers, workplace romance, follows a grump and a ray of sunshine who fake date and have to share one bed. Some fans cast Ana de Armas as Catalina and David Corenswet as Aaron. 

Armas has responded to the fan cast, stating that Corenswet would make the perfect Aaron.

@lost.in.literature YOU GUYS I AM CRYING 😭😭😭 #booktok #elenaarmas #thespanishlovedeception #fancast ♬ original sound – ana ★

Weeks later, Armas announced via TikTok that the book is getting adapted into a movie.

@thebibliotheque I AM FLYING 😭😭 #thespanishlovedeception #aaronblackford ♬ Music For a Sushi Restaurant – Harry Styles

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