5 Reasons Why Love Quinn is the Best Character in ‘You’ Season 3

Season 3 of the shocking, hit thriller You premiered on Netflix this week, with Victoria Pedretti returning as the fiery Love Quinn. We are listing five reasons why Love is the true star of You Season 3!

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Posted On: October 20th, 2021 1:15 pm pst

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Why Love Quinn is the best character

Credit: Netflix


She tried her best to fix her relationship with Joe

Credit: Netflix

When Love realized her relationship with Joe was once again heading down the wrong path, she pursued couples therapy. She made this decision for their son, Henry, a.k.a. Forty reincarnated according to Dottie. After many sessions, the couple decided they no longer needed assistance and said goodbye to their therapist. 

Clearly, this was not the case, but I guess we gotta give Love some credit for trying?

She has a heartbreaking past

Credit: Netflix

Love was very neglected by her family as a child, growing up in a self-absorbed household. In Season 3 alone, Dottie Quinn, Love’s mother, almost kills Henry in a drunk driving incident, with the baby in her lap. 

Although Love is a monster, the show tries its best to throw in moments of vulnerability and relatability to keep you watching, and it works.

She tried her best to be a good mother, but her sinister ways eventually caught up to her

Credit: Netflix

At the beginning of Season 3, we see Love try her best to be a normal mother. She is seen tending to Henry every time he cries (with Joe participating very little). She also seems proud of her newfound life as a mom and a wife. 

Even when committing her heinous crimes, she still tried to shield Henry. Although she may have lost sight of motherhood in the end, she ultimately thought of Henry in her final moments.

She is the only one that can truly see through Joe

Credit: Netflix

Love is the only character throughout You that is on Joe’s wavelength. She understands his obsessions with women, his motives, and his menacing background. She knew he was cheating on her before he could even sense it. 

This is particularly shocking, as Joe is used to getting away with his evil plans without any suspicion, slipping under the rug. She is completely unpredictable, a wildcard, leaving Joe completely unarmed. 

She now shares the voiceover

Credit: Netflix

In Season 3 of You, we were spoiled with plenty of Love Quinn voiceovers. 

The bulk of the show is in the narration of Joe, so it is refreshing to get a new perspective. By diving into Love’s thoughts, we are able to understand the motives behind her disturbing history. 

You has already been renewed for Season 4 by Netflix, and we are so excited to see what happens next (and hope to see some Love Quinn cameos!)

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