5 Reasons We Love J. Cole!

There are more than 5 reasons why J. Cole is loved but here are the reasons that stand out the most. 

His Lyrics

The messages in his lyrics are something that people can relate to, he knows what it is to be in a situation where you feel hopeless and that is why he shares his experiences through his songs. The way he raps catches everyone’s attention nowadays which is why he is considered one of the GOATS.

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Freestyle Killer

The way J. Cole is able to rhyme words and add his flow into a freestyle is insane! He makes it look easy but in fact freestyling is something really hard to do. He does it like he’s reading a script and not many rappers are able to do it like Cole does.

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Despite having millions in the bank he is always wearing casual clothes. He does not wear any type of expensive jewelry or watches. He remains grounded and humble and does not need to show off expensive stuff to keep his fame intact.

Cole is the primary example that you can still make it and you don’t need to show off. One of the most iconic moments from J. Cole is when he went back to the house he used to rent, he was really broke at the time that he could not afford rent, but his landlord believed in his talent and let him stay. Years later Cole went back to that same house he used to rent to have lunch with the man that believed in him and show his gratitude.

@much “Or back when I was up there in Mohammed crib” #JCole visiting the house he used to rent at to express his gratitude 🥹 [via @Saaif Alam ♬ original sound – MuchMusic

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Music Impact

True Cole fans know that his music is something else, you can feel a connection to it and also it can touch your heart. It makes you think about life and the way you see the world, his impact is huge because of the way he delivers the messages. You can almost feel as if he is speaking directly to you and once you hear what he has to say; you will be glad you started to listen to his music.

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J. Cole also played professional basketball, there have been a lot of videos of him hooping and he got the moves, even though his professional career was short he was at least able to compete at that level. Being 6 ‘3 definitely gives him an advantage and he is a decent shooting guard and he showed that he can get down in the studio and on the court.

@espn J. Cole’s first game in the CEBL 👀🔥 (via armenzargarian_/TW) #jcole #basketball #dunk ♬ original sound – suneysounds ♬

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