5 Reasons To Watch Netflix’s ‘Queens on the Run’!

Queens on the Run [Fuga de Renias in Spanish] is the newest Mexican action-comedy on Netflix, and if you haven’t seen it already, here are five reasons you should add it to your watch list!

Netflix’s newest Mexican-action comedy, Queens on the Run [Fuga de Renias in Spanish], is chock-full of empowering moments, hilarious hijinks, and crazy adventures. The movie features an incredible cast starring Paola Nunez, Valeria Vera, Alejandra Ambrosi, and Martha Higareda, and Jorge Macaya does a great job directing. There are so many reasons this movie is a must-see.

It’s full of female empowerment

Following four women on a road trip, this film offers a look into the double standards, unrealistic beauty ideals, and stigmas women face. Every single one of the main characters takes control of her own destiny to go on this road trip that they’d collectively put off because life and outside expectations got in the way. 

It’ll have you laughing out of your seat

While some of the tropes in the film are overdone, this movie is funny in the most cliche way. If you’re willing to turn your brain off to enjoy some jokes about boobs, farts, and magic mushrooms, then this film will be a lot of fun. 

The action sequences are amazing

While the movie originally starts out unassuming, with four girls giving no notice and going on a crazy trip that they had planned in high school. It soon takes a turn, and they find themselves in a world of trouble at every turn. The film builds into a badass action scene at the end that will definitely have you stunned. 

It’s about friendship

Friendship is above all in this film, and from taking care of each other to protecting each other, it’s clear that these women have each others’ backs. Through thick and thin, these women are making it to Cancun, even if there are some obstacles in the way. 

It will give you ideas for your summer adventure

With a bucket list full of things they want to do, there is so much that happens in this movie, and while maybe getting involved in a human trafficking ring is not on your to-do list this summer, a fun road trip with your besties where you go to the beach and rescue an animal is something to consider.

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