5 Reasons To Watch ‘Shameless’!

With Shameless being wrapped up after 11 seasons, here are some of the reasons why this show is worth binging if you haven’t watched it yet!

It’s the Best Dysfunctional Family You Will Ever See

The Gallaghers are probably the best chaotic family you will ever see on screen. The show follows the life of a family that doesn’t have the best parental figures in their lives and how they manage to work and live their lives in Chicago. Frank Gallagher, the father in the series is a drunk that never really pays attention to anything family or finance-related because he is always off doing his own thing and living his own life. His focus is never on his kids and since the mother is never around, Fiona Gallagher, the eldest daughter has to step up and basically become the parent that her siblings need. The age range between all the siblings varies so we’re able to watch them maneuver life with their family while finding ways to make money and stay out of trouble.


We Get To Watch The Kids Grow Up

What is incredible about this series is that we are able to watch eleven seasons with the kid actors like Debbie, Lip, Carl, Liam, and Ian, grow up on the show. All of these actors spent about a decade working on this show and so it was incredible to see them not only grow up but also grow into their character as well. It’s rare these days to find a show that we can watch people literally grow upon and it is very special to watch.

Real But Light-Hearted At The Same Time

Some of the situations that the Gallaghers face in this show are actually very relatable that happen to a lot of families. The family oftentimes are all off doing their own things and because there isn’t a strong parental presence, a lot of the time the kids get themselves caught up in problems that require others in the family to help fix. It’s not the Gallagher family without some type of drama like someone getting someone else pregnant or accidentally shooting someone on the street. This is all part of the family drama and the show does an amazing job combining the realness and realities while making it a lot more lighthearted.

It Makes You Cry and Laugh At The Same Time

After watching season after season, the Gallaghers will really stick with you and there is a high chance that you will become super involved emotionally with this family as well. They go through so much every season and manage to pull themselves out of their sticky situations over and over again, but they don’t do it the most traditional fashion. Not only is this show super funny but the family connection the cast has is real and it goes way beyond acting.

It’s a Show Based on Love

The amount of twists and turns this show has makes it seem like this family barely has time to catch a break from life. After every hard moment any sibling has on the show, the family comes together and supports one another through their hard times. With season eleven being their final season, it was super emotional to see them end their long-running show but in some ways, it was very comforting to see how the family ended up and that the ending of the show was in some ways a new start for the family.

Overall, this show is a must-watch and should definitely be next on your list!

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