5 Reasons to Listen to Bay Area Rapper Larry June!

From being an underground rapper from the Bay Area to being known internationally Larry June is an amazing artist who needs to be on your radar! 


Larry June is a rapper from the Bay Area and his music and style are the definition of West Coast. He brings back those slowed down beats and lyrics with his music, making you feel like you are riding on the 405 freeway back in the 90s. Windows down and music blasting through the speakers. With the rise of mumble rapping in recent years, we have not seen a rapper like Larry in a while. He sticks speaking through a microphone and telling a story, that is the signature of his songs and himself as an artist.


Larry likes to keep his style simple, most of the time he is wearing baggy pants. Oversize jackets and hoodies with the cap backwards, as people call it the streets “keeping it gangsta”. The chains are also part of his outfits together with some shades. That is one of the reasons his audience connects to him, because he is not wearing extravagant clothing instead he keeps his style very streetwear making his fans replicate his outfits and the way he dresses.

Unique songs titles

Another interesting fact about Larry is that he come up with very unique titles for his songs. Some examples are “ Breakfast in Monaco”, “Spaceships and Orange Juice”, “Porsches in Spanish”, and “Smoothies in 1991”.These types of titles are something unique in today’s Hip-Hop scene.

Humble Beginnings

Growing up in the Bay Area made Larry develop his style. “ I got a lot of influence from the Bay Area. Everything I do, musically, The Bay Area’s influence is heavy” Larry expressed this in an interview with ComplexUK. He also mentioned that he felt inspired by rappers such as Mack Dre to The Jacka, Messy Marv, and E40. All this inspiration mixed together made Larry June become the artist he is now. He started making mixtapes and made a name for himself in the underground scene but now those days seem to be over due to the popularity he has been gaining. He has made it out of the underground scene and is ready to make a name for himself on the big stages.

Popular songs

Some of his most listened songs are “Smoothies in 1991”, “Watering My Plants”, and “Corte Madera”. His particular rapping style is present in all of these songs. You feel the true West Coast vibe while listening to Larry, and that is something great because he is exposing and representing the West Coast.


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