5 Reasons to Check Out British Musician Cap1talA!

With the rise in popularity of British hip hop, many artists have come on top, but there is one who in particular on the rise who needs to be on your radar!


Cap1talA is a London based rapper that is slowly making his way to the top. He is known for combining various types of melodies in his songs, to create music that he shares with the world. He has an amazing voice and catchy bars that can be heard in any of his songs. One of the best examples of this is his song “Paranoia” . In this song we can hear different types of instruments playing at the same time, and together with his flow give it a very relaxed vibe that listeners can connect to. 

Old School Style

He also likes to implement old school vibes in his songs. That is one of the main reasons his music is known in the underground scene, because he is bringing those early  2000s hip hop vibes back. His rapping style is very diverse and in some of his songs he can be rapping very slowly and giving the listener a chill vibe, but in his latest song “ Who gone tell em” we get a glimpse of his rapping skills. In this song he is throwing bars really fast while keeping up with the beats. 


His lyrics are something that everyone can relate to. He raps about heartbreaks, personal struggles, insecurities, etc. “ My music shows my journey within the growth and emotional experiences over the years I’ve had as a black man in the UK. I’ve seen that my music has connected with people and has touched them, ” Cap1talA said in an interview with wonderlandmagazine. The way he delivers messages throughout his music is something not many artists are able to achieve. 

Popular songs

His most populars songs are “Paranoia”, “In My Head”, “Pain”, and “Summer Whining”. These songs contain a variety of mixed genres such as Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop etc. Listeners can also feel the emotions that the artists put in each of these songs. The voice tone changes in each one of them depending on what type of experience or emotion he is trying to share with his audience. 


In the same interview with wonderlandmagazine Cap1talA expressed that the ones who motivated him to start making music were Tyler, The Creator, and MF Doom. They were the ones who gave him inspiration and made him feel that he could pour his own emotions and feelings into songs. They also helped him to create his own style when it comes to writing lyrics. He has been growing in the British Hip Hop scene and will come up strong in 2024 with the new albums he will be releasing.

If you want to get to know the artist more, check out his music on Spotify!

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