5 Of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Most Iconic Roles!

From Jack in Titanic to Romeo in Romeo + Juliet, Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby, and many more, Leonardo DiCaprio depicts an array of characters! Here are 5 roles that we can’t get enough of.

Jack – Titanic

Jack is upbeat, clever, and adventurous. He is one of the nicest guys. Jack has a strong sense of community and prioritizes the welfare of others around him, especially Rose, his romantic interest. Jack quickly makes friends and draws individuals from all walks of life due to his cheery and frequently inspirational demeanor. He has a knack for words and a remarkable capacity to inspire people. Dicaprio is able to show a wide range of emotions in this role and no one can think of Titanic without thinking of him.

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Romeo – Romeo + Juliet

Romeo is an attractive, wise, and sensitive young guy, around the age of sixteen. Despite being immature and impetuous, his idealistic nature and passion make him a very endearing person. He is not at all interested in fighting while living in the thick of a bloody conflict between his family and the Capulets. This was a breakthrough role for Dicaprio at such a young age starring in this movie that was based on such a famous and dramatic play. Even though he was not new to acting at this point it definitely gave him a bigger name in Hollywood. 

Jay Gatsby – The Great Gatsby

Gatsby is hopelessly idealistic in every sense of the word. He is eager to move on from his family’s past but spends his adult life wanting to relive his relationship with Daisy. The fact that he is in love with Daisy’s idea rather than Daisy as she is makes matters worse as well. DiCaprio was a stand-out and unforgettable in this film.

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Jordan Belfort – The Wolf Of Wall Street

Avaricious, unrepentant, and charming. You may buy anything from Jordan. He also encourages his friends and coworkers to benefit from his experience. He lacks the moral compass that most people seem to possess, although he nevertheless shows some loyalty to his close pals even when under duress. The chaos and complexity of this role are shown as Dicaprio embodies the real-life Jordan Belfort and makes you feel a variety of emotions throughout the film. 

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Rick Dalton – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Dalton is determined, ambitious, and self-assured enough to put himself out there. However, he is highly neurotic and constantly sobs and throws tantrums when things don’t go his way. This is hidden beneath the polished exterior of his external look. DiCaprio’s performance in this was both devastating and hopeful giving great depth to this actor who is at the backend of his career. 

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