5 Nature Documentaries To Stream Now!

In need of some Vitamin D? These five nature documentaries will motivate you to go outside and get some! 

Planet Earth (Max)

Planet Earth is an 11-part Netflix series that explores our planet, top to bottom with hypnotic narration from British broadcaster and biologist Sir David Attenborough. As beautifully portrayed by the helicopters and long lenses used to capture the many wonders of our world, this glance at the natural world is inviting enough to make the biggest couch potato step outside and soak up some rays. Planet Earth is available to watch on Max!

Our Great National Parks (Netflix)

Move over, Attenborough! Former United States President President Barack Obama would like to try his hand at narrating a nature documentary! The former president unpacks the five part series, Our Great National Parks in great detail by highlighting our planet’s natural preserves from Hawaii to Kenya! With one of the world’s most influential speakers discussing the importance of protecting plants and animals, fans can expect to walk away from this series with nature conservation on their minds!

Our Planet II (Netflix)

Coming back to soothe our ears is David Attenborough breaking down Netflix’s second part to Our Planet, Our Planet II! The four-part series continuation is chalk full of environmental warnings and small animals in harm’s way that make for a pretty tense watch!

Seven Worlds, One Planet (Max)

Seven Worlds, One Planet takes fans across the seven continents and with narration by, you guessed it, David Attenborough! The series provides a glimpse into the four seasons and their direct, environmental effects on the animals that call Earth home. Springtime on St. Andrew’s Bay Bay Beach in South Georgia follows a mass of king penguin chicks learning to survive from their parents, while humpback whales blow waves of bubbles in the southern ocean to rake in some 400 trillion krill in the summertime! Catch all episodes of Seven Worlds, One Planet on Max!

Planet Earth: Africa (Max)

Nature documentary golden boy David Attenborugh returns to spotlight Earth’s wildest continent in the seven episode series, Planet Earth: Africa. This series takes viewers on a safari through deserts, savannahs and jungles–with wildlife plucked straight out of Disney’s The Lion King! Planet Earth: Africa is available to watch on Max!

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