5 Must-Watch Horror Movies Streaming on Hulu!

Hulu is a treasure trove of underrated horror films for new and old fans alike. Here are five must-watch movies across subgenres streaming on the platform to add to your horror repertoire.

Hulu is home to some of my favorite horror films of all time. Their library has picks for old and new fans from all different subgenres. Whether you’re looking for a thrill and gore or some good tension and acting, here are five must-watch horror movies to guide your search.

Watcher (2022)

Key aspects: psychological, slow burn, suspense

Watcher (2022) is the feature film directorial debut of Chloe Okuno, and boy, is she already making her mark on the genre. This film follows Julia, an American transplant in Romania completely isolated from the local community due to a language barrier, an unfamiliar environment, and an inattentive boyfriend. Maika Monroe (It Follows (2014)) plays her with an unsettling, growing paranoia and distress as she discovers a strange man staring at her from the apartment across the street who she can’t seem to get away from. If you like something slow and steady with spectacular acting and themes, this one’s for you.

V/H/S series

Key aspects: found footage, mixed genres, big twists, gory

V/H/S is a found footage anthology series that began with the titular V/H/S in 2012. Each installment contains several short films of drastically different stories, characters, subgenres, and twists and turns. Every short also has its own directors, writers, and crew, giving them all their own unique flavor. The segments really are like candy!

The format gives you the liberty to skip around to what you like using the synopses on the V/H/S Wiki, whether it be evil technology, demonic possession, alien invasion, killers on the loose, or something far more sinister. Many of the shorts also incorporate comedy, which is a nice bit of levity. My personal favorite is V/H/S/2, particularly “A Ride In The Park” (one of the best takes on zombies I’ve ever seen) and “Safe Haven” (an unsettling, bloody, and truly horrific tale inspired by real life cults).

You’re sure to find something you love, especially with powerhouse horror filmmakers in the rotation like Ti West (You’re Next (2011), X (2022), Pearl (2022)) and Radio Silence (Ready or Not (2018), Scream (2022), Scream VI (2023)).

Fresh (2022)

Key aspects: thriller, romcom, body horror

Fresh (2022) is the feature film directorial debut of Mimi Cave and was my favorite horror movie of 2022 (which was a record year for the genre, in my opinion). Daisy Edgar-Jones (Normal People (2020) and Sebastian Stan star in this unconventional film exploring the horrors of dating as a woman in your 20s. The film switches genres over 30 minutes in, transforming from a rom-com to a dark and twisted fight for your life. Edgar-Jones plays Noa, a wickedly intelligent and resilient woman navigating this rollercoaster. Sickeningly good performances paired with Ex Machina-esque dance sequences and a brutal third act make Fresh a wild, nail-biting ride from start to finish.

Titane (2021)

Key aspects: unpredictable, tense, foreign language

There are no intelligible words that can express how outrageous and jaw-dropping Titane (2021) is. Titane is the brainchild of French filmmaker Julia Ducournau; she also made the equally flabbergasting Raw (2016), which I highly recommend (for people with strong stomachs). The film follows a woman who escapes the police by transforming herself into a young missing boy who is then reunited with a protective, broken father. The tension had me contorted on the couch for the entire runtime and my eyes popping out of my head for the final conclusion. Shocking doesn’t even begin to describe the journey you’re about to go on with this movie.

Spree (2020)

Key aspects: slasher, black comedy, found footage

Spree (2020) stars beloved Joe Keery (Stranger Things) as Kurt Kunkle, a rideshare driver desperate for internet fame who will get it by any means necessary. Kurt becomes a mobile serial killer, picking up new victims through his job and live streaming his crimes for an audience who thinks it’s just another prank video. Keery falls into this deranged character with a cringe-worthy and hilarious enthusiasm as Kurt can’t help but escalate for the next hit of popularity. This tight hour-and-a-half will definitely take you on a ride full of dramatic irony to make you squirm. Don’t drink the provided water!

New horror gems are added to Hulu every month, and I can’t wait to see what they bring to the platform next!

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