5 Movies That Showed Off Lindsay Lohan’s Range!

Iconic 2000s star Lindsay Lohan has been a talented actress since the very beginning. From The Parent Trap, Life-Size, Freaky Friday, Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen, all the way to Mean Girls, Lohan’s versatility has been highlighted one way or another.

Today we are throwing it back to the ’90s and early 2000s to recognize Lindsay Lohan’s most iconic roles. Growing up in Hollywood, Lohan quickly made her mark as an actress and became a household name to millennial and Gen-Z audiences everywhere. From her 90’s film The Parent Trap to her role in Mean Girls, she holds a special place in our hearts, and if she has taught us anything, it’s that she has range! Here is a look at some of the most iconic roles that have made us obsessed with her.

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The Parent Trap as Hallie James and Annie Parker

In 1998, Lohan made her film debut for the Disney reboot, The Parent Trap. The talented young actress filmed not one but two lead roles in the film as twins, Hallie James, and Annie Parker. Lohan actually had to shoot every scene twice alongside a stand-in actress who was a visual reference point as the other twin. Lohan also had to wear an earpiece throughout the scenes as someone off-camera gave her the other twin’s line. Calling that impressive would be an understatement! From Annie’s accent to Hallie’s mannerisms, it’s easy to see why Lohan was cast as the lead in the first place.


Life-Size as Casey Stuart

Shortly after The Parent Trap, Lohan starred in Life-Size with Tyra Banks, and she shined bright! The early 2000’s movie is a fantasy comedy that highlighted Eve (Tyra Banks) and Casey Stuart’s (Lindsay Lohan) relationship through sarcasm, banter, and witty humor. The movie’s impressive animation, colorful aesthetic, and Lohan’s tomboy attitude added so much character and personality to the film that it’s no wonder why it’s a classic today.

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Freaky Friday as Anna Coleman

By 2003, Freaky Friday was released, and Lohan was the star of the film once again, with co-star Jamie Lee Curtis. Lohan’s character is an angsty teen with ripped jeans, blonde highlights, crop tops, and the lead guitarist in her punk-rock band, “Pink Slip.” The rebellious teen role was only the beginning of Lohan showcasing the versatility her acting skills truly have. With her constantly picking on her little brother, getting stuck in detention, and arguing with her mom, we get to see Lohan in an entirely new light. On top of all that, the comedic dynamic between Lohan and her mother (Jamie Lee Curtis) made the movie an iconic staple in so many people’s childhoods.


Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen as Lola Cep

A year later, Lohan starred in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen as Lola Cep, where she can be seen in countless iconic outfits with an incredibly dramatic personality. Her character is undeniably ambitious and won’t stop until she accomplishes any goal she sets out to achieve. Her character has dreams of being a Broadway star, giving us a chance to hear her singing voice. This is the first film of Lohan’s where we can find her singing, and it did not disappoint. The girl can sing!

Mean Girls as Cady Heron

Last but most certainly not the least is the iconic film Mean Girls! Lohan originally wanted the role of Regina George in the film but landed the role of Cady Heron instead. Unlike the others, this movie wasn’t produced by Disney, so we see Lohan with more of an audacious personality throughout the film. Lohan also gave us a first-person narrative accompanied by an inner monologue and crude humor, making her hilarious yet relatable. The 2004 coming-of-age film is now known as a cult classic, and rightfully so!


Regardless of the role she plays, it’s obvious that Lindsay Lohan has been nothing short of iconic! She’s ridiculously talented, and we have been fortunate enough to grow up with her. What were some of your favorite Lindsay Lohan movies from your childhood? Lets us know on Twitter @AfterBuzzTV

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