5 Memorable Danny Tanner ‘Full House’ Moments!

The death of American actor, stand-up comedian, and television host Bob Saget has been devastating. In honor of the beloved performer’s life and talent, here are 5 of his memorable on-screen moments from Full House.

Bob Saget’s role as father Danny Tanner on Full House has been a unique and influential part of television. A single dad raising three daughters, with the help of 2 uncles, was not a common role to see on TV. Danny’s care, kindness, and intelligence made his character a remarkable father and a bright person beloved by all. Below are 5 of the best Danny Tanner moments from Full House.

Danny Talks to DJ About Body Image

Full House was a terrific show for so many reasons – one of them being that they addressed important issues about growing up and parenting:

Danny Hustles Jesse in Pool

Although Uncle Jesse played the role of the cool, hip uncle, Danny had his own few surprising moments of being the “cool dad.” Take a look below to see one of those moments:

Danny Sleeps Through the Day

Although Danny always did his best, no parent is perfect. Even in the toughest of times though, Danny always maintained a positive relationship with his daughters:

He Has Immense Care For Each Family Member

When serious situations occurred, Danny’s first priority was to make sure each family member was okay. Here’s a wild example:

Danny Plays a Parental Role for Everyone

Danny didn’t have a fatherly role only with his daughters; He carried that role onto Jesse and Joey at times when they needed it as well.

Bob Saget’s portrayal of Danny Tanner has been an incredibly positive influence in television and in real life. His parental role is rightfully one of the most beloved in television, and we will forever remember the bright impact that Bob Saget’s performance in Full House has had on our lives. Thank you, Bob Saget.

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