5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired by Reality TV!

Are you freaking out because you still don’t have a Halloween costume yet? Don’t worry, we have the last-minute solutions you need for your next Halloween party all inspired by Reality TV!

Spooky season is almost over but we still have this last weekend to be in the spirit and have some fun! Here are some simple costume ideas that are easy to put together at the last minute and involve items you probably already have in your closet.

The Simple Life

Everyone remembers the two OGs, Paris and Nicole. This reality show which was one of the first and most successful ones has stayed in our hearts. If you and your bestie want to fulfill your 2000s fantasy this Halloween, this is the perfect choice for you! All you need is denim overalls and make sure to tell everyone “That’s Hot”!


There are not many costumes that are easier than going as a castaway from this CBS tropical legend! You’re basically done once you put on a bathing suit or a dirty casual outfit. Complete this look with your own DIY immunity idol and a buff with the name of your tribe and you’re ready to go!

Kitchen Nightmares

If you want to learn how to cook we, unfortunately, can’t help you. What we do know though, is that TV’s favorite chef is a costume that you simply can’t miss. This hilarious idea definitely stands out and can also be done with a friend! To become Gordon Ramsay this Halloween, all you need is a white chef’s coat or simply a cooking apron with a white button-up shirt, and voila!

Selling Sunset

This has been one of the most popular reality shows on Netflix since it debuted. This is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to awaken their inner luxury real estate agent. With so many different characters from the Oppenheim Group, it is so difficult to choose only one! That’s why we suggest bringing a friend and dressing up as the iconic twins and founders of the company, Jason and Brett!

America’s Next Top Model

You might go as Tyra or you might consider dressing as Miss J. Alexander. You could even go as a contestant! (and certainly, take home the prize for the evening). This costume is pretty simple because it really just involves wearing whatever clothes you have in your closet and styling your hair and makeup in the correct fashion. Bonus points if you have a friend follow you around snapping your photo. One thing is certain though, you better remember to SMIZE!


Did we help you decide? Let us know what you are dressing up as this Halloween!

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