5 Iconic Sitcoms Like ‘Barry’ & ‘Abbott Elementary’ To Celebrate National Joke Day!

In honor of National Joke Day, we have five current sitcoms that always make us laugh, including Barry, Abbott Elementary, How I Met Your Father, and more!

Happy July! It’s the first of a new month but it also happens to be National Joke Day! To help you celebrate, check out 5 current iconic sitcoms that will have you laughing so hard you could consider it your workout of the day.

With Your Family – How I Met Your Father

Looking for a family-appropriate show? Look no further than Hulu’s How I met Your Father. Season 1 of the series is streamable now and season 2 is coming soon! The show centers on Sophie, a mom, who is telling her son the story of how she met his father. The show jumps between the present and the past as we see Sophie recall her experiences. This will be the perfect family watch!


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With Your Roommates – Grace and Frankie

While Grace and Frankie has 7 seasons out, the most recent season aired this year. So whether you need to binge watch all the seasons or just get caught up, this is the perfect show to watch with your roomies. Before becoming best friends and roomies, the two hated one another and considered themselves rivals. Watch the series to see how they went from enemies to besties!


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With Your Twin Flame (Your Soulmate Bestie) – Peacemaker

Peacemaker is an HBO MAX original based on an antihero that will be sure to have you laughing and maybe even hysterically crying. Some of the humor tends to be a bit blunt but the best friend dynamic between Peacemaker, Vigilante and Eagly is the type of friendship everyone hopes to find one day. Watch season 1 on HBO MAX now, and expect a season 2!


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With Your Partner – Abbott Elementary

This mockumentary sitcom television series on ABC focuses on a group of passionate teachers trying to make the best of the cards life dealt them. Despite their lack of funding being a Philadelphia public school, and their slightly under qualified principal, the group of educators is determined to help their students flourish and succeed. The series focuses on the teachers’ friendships with one another but also romantic relationships outside of school. You can stream season 1 of Abbott Elementary on-demand on ABC and on Hulu! You can also anticipate a season 2 of the series!


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For Your Night in Alone – Barry

Barry is the perfect combination of comedy, darkness and the right amount of thrill–making it a great watch for your night alone. The show was released in 2018 and now has 3 seasons on HBO MAX, the most recent being this year. The show stars Bill Hader as Barry Berkman, a hit-man from the Midwest who makes his way to the city of Los Angeles to do his job and follow through with a hit. While waiting to execute his hit, he finds a new comfort and acceptance in the LA Theater community. The show follows Barry as he tries to find a balance between his new found passion for acting and his criminal past. Stream all 3 seasons on HBO MAX now and yes, you will be getting a 4th!


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We hope these shows help you in celebrating National Joke Day!!

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