5 Celebs That Advocate For Bully Breeds

Here are 5 celebrities that advocate for bullies… Not that kind. But the cute and lovable doggy kind. Read on to see what we mean!

“Bully” is the overarching term for the dog breed that is often generalized as “pit bulls”. Like many other dog breeds, bullies are unfortunately often mis-stereotyped by society. Don’t let the name fool you: bullies are fantastic family dogs and make lovely companion animals. Aside from the obvious bully breed advocates such as Caesar Milan and other wonderful dog trainers, actors, singers, and celebrity chefs also highly advocate for their furry family members. Find out who below!

Ariel Winter

Modern Family actress Ariel Winter often advocates for her five (yes five!) rescue dogs on her instagram. Her instagram bio says it all: actress/producer and dog mom. Although all five of her dogs are different breeds and mixes, Ariel lets it be known that #pitties are her favorite breed. Not only does Ariel make it a priority of hers to care for her own rescue dogs, but she also helps promote advocacy for bully breeds by partnering with Los Angeles dog rescue Wags and Walks to create awareness for dogs that need homes. Thank you for your dedicated advocacy, Ariel!

Kaley Cuoco

Actress Kaley Cuoco is well-known for her love of animals which extends beyond dogs; she continues to take up her hobby of horseback riding, and has owned a bunny and a goat, too. Kaley’s dogs are a very special part of her life, and she often promotes the importance of adoption, especially with bully breeds. In fact, Kaley and husband Karl just added another furry friend to their family: 9-year-old mastiff Larry! How could anyone say no to Larry’s beautiful big eyes and huggable chunk of a body shown below? Like Ariel, Kaley also promotes rescue shelters and adorable adoptable dogs on her instagram. We love to see Kaley’s continuous support for bully breeds as well as her interest in helping animals of all kinds.

Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray is primarily known for her impeccable cooking skills, but did you know she also utilizes these skills to make food for dogs, too? She helped to create Nutrish, a healthy and delicious kibble brand for dogs and cats. A portion of proceeds from each sale of a Nutrish product goes towards the Rachael Ray foundation, which donates to animal charities and other organizations that help animals in need. Rachael’s inspiration for this incredible cause likely came from her and her husband’s rescue pit bull Isaboo, who passed away in May 2020 after 15 years of wonderful life with her human parents. Rachael and her husband didn’t wait long to open up their home to another dog in need, so pit bull puppy Bella Boo Blue came into their lives. Rachael continues to be vocal about the importance of adopting pets, especially bully breeds such as her own.

Jason Derulo

Talented singer Jason Derulo loves posting TikToks with his beautiful dog Ice the Pit Bull Terrier. Ice’s German Shepard brother, Ghost Derulo, also makes some appearances in Jason’s videos. Jason’s TikToks often include tasty treats for Ice such as peanut butter and home-cooked steak. The love and care that Jason and Ice have for each other is clearly there, and their special bond is obvious in the funny videos they create together. Check out some adorable examples below!

He love us both @jena ##icederulo

♬ Runaway – AURORA

Lunch at Derulos ##TreatYourPet ##IceDerulo ##GhostDerulo

♬ Spotlight – TikTok

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia owns three rescue dogs, one of which is an American Pit Bull Terrier she calls Pinto. In addition to posting lots of cute content with her own three dogs, Alicia enjoys reposting cute viral videos of other Bully dogs to show her advocacy and love for the breed. To further advocate her love for Bullies and rescue pups, Alicia is vocal about her veganism and advocates for animals of all kinds through her diet. Her vegan tips and products can be found on her website and blog https://thekindlife.com/.

As conveyed by some of our favorite celebrities, bully breeds tend to be misunderstood, and they deserve much more love than they are given by society. With support from animal lovers like our amazing AfterBuzz community, together we can change the unfair stereotype of this incredibly lovable breed. We cannot thank the above celebrities enough for their advocacy towards bullies!

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