5 Baseball Movies to Stream this Spring Training!

Major League Baseball is back in action after spring training games kicked off again on Feb. 22. With Opening Day coming up, get even more excited for the festivities with five baseball movies to watch on our favorite streaming services!

Moneyball (2011)

Based on Michael Lewis’ 2003 book, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, the Brad Pitt-led film tells the story of the 2002 Oakland Athletics, who used advanced statistics to field a competitive team, even with key players departing and having a limited payroll. Metacritic gives Moneyball, which balances dramatic moments like the Athletics’ 20-game win streak and humor in Jeremy Giambi’s hilarious post-game dance, a “Metascore” of 87, indicating “universal acclaim.”  Pitt’s role as Billy Beane, the former player-turned-Athletics general manager, helped him earn a “Best Actor” Oscar nomination, while Jonah Hill, who played the fictional Peter Brand, inspired by Paul DePodesta and several other Athletics executives, was in the running for “Best Supporting Actor.” 

Where to watch: Netflix, Prime Video

42 (2013)

42, starring the late Chadwick Boseman, is a biographical film about Jackie Robinson, the 1962 Hall of Fame inductee who broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier in 1947. The 2013 movie doesn’t shy away from the disheartening moments of Robinson’s career, like the intense discrimination and adversity he faced, but it makes his triumphant major league debut and lengthy career thereafter all the more satisfying. Boseman’s efforts were appreciated by Robinson’s widow, Rachel, who said she was “relieved and excited” when she first saw it. Harrison Ford, who plays the Dodgers’ sympathetic and down-to-earth general manager, Branch Rickey, picked 42 as one of his more underappreciated movies that he’s truly proud of.

Where to watch: Prime Video, Apple TV

Field of Dreams (1989)

Rotten Tomatoes, which gives Field of Dreams a healthy score of 88% on its “Tomatometer,” describes the film as “sentimental, but in the best way; it’s a mix of fairy tale, baseball, and family togetherness.” We couldn’t agree more, as Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) has to constantly shift his focus on baseball legends in “Shoeless Joe” Jackson (Ray Liotta), a controversial, reclusive author in Terence Mann (James Earl Jones), and his own father, the former professional player in his own right, John Kinsella (Dwier Brown). The chilling phrase, “If you build it, they will come,” mysteriously echoes throughout the film and remains one of the most inspiring movie quotes of all time. As an aside, it’s worth noting that MLB has held two regular season games near the real-life site, calling it “MLB at Field of Dreams.” Opposing teams wear old-timey uniforms and walk out of the infamous cornfield in a similar fashion to players in the 1989 movie. 

Where to watch: Prime Video, Apple TV

The Sandlot (1993)

A baseball movie list without The Sandlot seems like blasphemy, so we had to include this 1993 classic. It’s one of those rare movies that can touch the hearts of different generations, given its storylines on childhood fear (the kids being scared of Mr. Mertle’s dog, Hercules), father-son bonding (Bill teaching Smalls how to play catch), and lifelong lessons (Babe Ruth’s inspirational message to Benny “the Jet” Rodriguez). Nearly every scene produces laugh-out-loud moments, from Squints mustering up the courage to approach the ever-elusive Wendy Peffercorn, and Hamilton “Ham” Porter’s countless one-liners. Audiences seem to agree, with over 250,000 reviews accumulating an exceptional 89% fan rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Where to watch: Disney+, Prime Video, Apple TV

A League of Their Own (1992)

Based on the star-studded cast alone, which includes Tom Hanks, Madonna, and Rosie O’Donnell, among others, you can tell A League of Their Own is sure to be a riot. As Jimmy Dugan, manager of the ragtag Rockford Peaches, Tom Hanks thinks he’s doing his best to run the team, but the real star of the show is Dottie Hinson, played by Geena Davis. Hinson leads the Peaches to the World Series and faces off with her sister, Kit (Lori Petty), in a nail-biting Game 7. More importantly, A League of Their Own is a celebration of women in professional baseball and emphasizes their determination in a progressive, inspiring manner.

Where to watch: Prime Video, Peacock, Apple TV

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