3 Major Lessons to Learn from Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle was more than just a rapper from Los Angeles; he was the definition of dedication. Even though he passed away in 2019, he still has many lessons and words of wisdom that can be applied in 2021.

Life is a marathon

This lesson has to be, by far, the best advice he could’ve ever given fans. Life during the coronavirus pandemic has turned everyone’s lives upside down. Even though many people’s lives have changed because of the pandemic, it doesn’t mean your dreams have to take a backseat. The saying “life is a marathon” means to be patient with your dreams and never give up! “The name of the brand obviously is The Marathon, and it just stands for endurance, it stands for staying down, it stands for like not quitting, accepting the ups and downs of whatever game you commit yourself to and riding it out,” he said in an interview with VYBO.

Believe in Yourself

Nipsey Hussle was always transparent about his journey. In fact, in the song ‘Perfect Ten’, he said he has experienced self-doubt, but he never quit. “From me and probably whoever else is goin’ through this, went through this, or is gonna go through this, is that I ain’t quit. I went through every emotion. I went through every emotion with tryna pursue what I’m doing. You know what I mean? (Mhm) and I think that what, what’s gon’ separate whoever’s gon’ try to go for something is that, you ain’t gon’ quit. That’s, you know, you really gon’ take the stance of I’m gon’ die behind what I’m gettin’ at right here,” he rapped.

Control Your Thoughts

Nipsey Hussle always pushed in his music and in interviews that he believes wholeheartedly in himself. There’s many times in life when people want to give up on their dreams because even though they want to be something, they don’t actually see themselves living out their dreams. In an interview with VYBO, he said even though life has its ups and downs, he doesn’t let the downs plant doubt in his visions for himself.

“I just had clear visions. Your thoughts are powerful, and that shit will come to life if you stick to your script,” he said in his interview with VYBRO.

There are so many other valuable lessons that Nipsey Hussle has taught the world for generations to come. What is your favorite life lesson from Hussle? Let us know in the comments below! Also, if you love this article, please share it with a friend!

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