Predictions for ‘Tiger King’ Season 2!

After the first season of Tiger King took the world by storm, we’re curious to see where the show’s newest season will take us. Here are some of our predictions for season 2!

The hit Netflix docu-series Tiger King chronicles the life of big cat aficionado, and owner of the G.W. Zoo, Joseph Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic. With 5 years of footage produced to create this film, we were sucked into a whirlwind of exotic animals, betrayal, and crime. First hand, we could experience the crazy life of Joe Exotic, and all of the events leading up to his imprisonment. Despite the show’s consuming storyline, season 1 left us with some questions. In celebration of season 2 making its way to Netflix, here are some predictions on where this chapter will take us.  

The Effects of Season 1

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The trailer for the newest season indicates a lot of growth and change for the people we met in the first season. From Jeff Lowe wearing diamond-encrusted tiger chains to Joe’s partner Dillon getting a new smile, it’s safe to say that the ‘Tiger King’ legacy has shed a spotlight on all who were involved. We think this season we will get to learn more about the lives behind the main characters we have met thus far.

Joe Before Exotic

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Before he was the character that we know and love today, he was Joseph Allen Schreibvogel. Born in Garden City, Kansas, one of five children, he grew up to become a police officer in his hometown. While some of it is covered and we meet his mom in the show’s first season, we do not know much about Joe’s life before his move to Florida. We think this season will get a little more personal, exploring his upbringing, and possibly meeting the rest of his family. 

The Disappearance of Don Lewis

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A major plot point in the series is the disappearance of Carole Baskin’s former husband, Don Lewis. While Joe is convinced that Carole killed Don, there are a few ongoing theories as to what could have happened to the pilot. We hope this season will provide some answers to our questions regarding his whereabouts. 

Archnemeses to Frenemies?

Credit: Netflix

In the show’s first season, as we began learning more about Joe’s imprisonment, we discover that Joe began working with PETA to hold other big cat owners accountable for endangering their animals. The trailer for the second season ends with what sounds like Joe on the phone, saying he would “deal with the devil,” if he had to. Could this mean that the two archnemeses are joining forces for a much greater cause? 

The New Zoo

At the end of the first season, we learn that Jeff Lowe is moving the zoo to Oklahoma for a fresh start. However, in May 2021, 68 big cats were seized from the zoo after an ongoing investigation into the animals’ treatment. On top of the effects of the pandemic, we think this season will document the downfall of the zoo, and what this means for the cats. 

From the first episode of Tiger King, Joe Exotic had the world wrapped around his pinky. Regardless of what this new season has in store, we will definitely be tuning in!

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