‘The Challenge: Spies, Lies, And Allies’ Star, Jeremiah White, Talks Elimination Victory: “I was locked in”

No more smooth sailing for the vets on The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies. Jeremiah White talks about the latest episode including his elimination win and Priscilla’s epic decision that could change the game for the rest of the season. 

The game is starting to shift on The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies, and the vet alliance might soon start feeling the heat due to one decision that was made after the elimination.

Jeremiah White talked with Benny Adams on Challenge Reality News about everything that went down during the latest episode, including his first elimination win and Priscilla’s move that threatened the entire vet alliance.

During the episode, Jeremiah made a risky decision by letting it be known he wanted to go into elimination, something he said needed to happen.

“I felt like I had to take the gamble the way the game was going. I wasn’t winning anything, so I felt that it was my time and a good opportunity for me to go ahead and up my game.” Explained White.

Before the big night, Amber voiced her opinion on wanting to go down and compete alongside Jeremiah to take out Berna, but in the end, It was Priscilla who was chosen to go down and compete.

“I was kind of questioning why Amber wanted to go in because she didn’t have to be down there. She didn’t like Berna, and she wanted to make sure Berna was out of the game. I think it was kind of a bluff; I don’t think she wanted to go down.” Said White.

Once again, the vet alliance pulled through, sending all rookies into elimination. Many fans have been wondering if the rookies knew about the vet’s strategy and if they did, why not take action. According to Jeremiah, it was easier said than done.

“I think everyone pretty much saw it, but since all the rookies were new to the game, they did not want to take the chance and put themselves into a worse position than they already were in. We could have gone that way, but I don’t think every rookie would have been on the same page.”

During the elimination, Jeremiah and Priscilla were victorious, sending Berna and Hughie home. Jeremiah said not once did he underrate his opponents but made sure to keep his eye on the prize.

“A Lot of people have underestimated their opponents, you don’t know what type of elimination you’re going to get when you get down there, and anybody can lose at any point. When I decided I was ready to go in, I was locked in.”

Viewers were in for a shock when Priscilla decided to go against the norm, and instead of breaking up a rookie and team, she turned to Josh taking him away from Ashley.

“We never really talked about who we were going to pick, that was just something we were going to let happen when it came to it, but I had a feeling. I kind of had a feeling she was going to go towards Josh after Ashey said what she said during deliberation.” Said White

Check out the full interview with Jeremiah below, and make sure to catch a new episode of The Challenge: Spies Lies and Allies every Wednesday at 8 pm ET/PT on MTV.

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