Memorable Moments From ‘Bad Girls Club’

We’re taking a trip down memory lane and remembering some of the most memorable moments from Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club!

“What I want yeah I get it, yeah that’s right I said it, live the life you wish you had sugar spice and everything…. BAD GIRLS!”

This is the theme song I couldn’t wait to hear every Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Oxygen. My mom would be upset if I got caught watching, but honey, the tea was always so piping hot, I couldn’t resist!

Ever since the show ended in 2017, I haven’t found another to replace it. Let’s take a moment to explore five memorable moments from BGC history!

Moment #1: Tanisha’s pots and pans scene

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Tanisha is like the face of the bad girls club after her appearance in season two. For all of my baddies, we have to remember the scene of Tanisha getting pissed off because of the mess in the house. She goes into the girls’ rooms screaming, “I ain’t get no sleep cause of yall, yall not going to get no sleep cause of me.” She also taught us the phrase “pop off’ which is still around to this day. She set the tone of what a ‘bad girl’ should be, and she became a fan favorite as she made her everlasting mark and began to host the show’s reunion specials. We have seen her grow and elevate since then. She has starred in many other reality TV shows such as Celebrity Fit Club, Tanisha Gets Married, and Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

We have recently seen her on ‘Baddies ATL, where she (and others) are executive producers. Since the show, Tanisha has had a baby boy, #PrinceAiden.

Moment #2: Erika’s ‘I don’t understand’

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If you don’t remember this moment from BGC history, then are you really a true fan? We can never forget when Erika confronted Rima stating how she thought they would end up being close friends. She then says, “I don’t understand,” while dancing as Rima is ignoring her. This phrase still lives rent-free in my head as I sing it every time I don’t understand something. Erika appeared on season 9 and was removed after episode 5 when she had a physical altercation. She re-appeared in the shows’ all-star battle, but she quit the competition due to a knee injury. You can keep up with Erika on her social media accounts along with her youtube as she posts hair reviews, life updates, and vlogs.

Moment #3: Camilla’s phone conversation

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If mom says it’s okay, then it must be okay! 

As it was almost time for Camilla and the rest of the girls to return home, the girls decided to bother Camilla when she was sleeping. After Demitra went into Camilla’s room and started to move things, it ended with a physical altercation. Like any other person trying to calm down, Camilla called her mom and expressed her anger that the girls were trying to jump her. Her mom immediately starts giving her some advice. She says, “put your rings on your fingers, put your tennis shoes on.” Soon after, Camilla drops the phone, she fights another girl, Amy, and all you hear is Camilla’s mom saying, “whoop that a**, whoop it!” 

When I say ride or die, this is what I mean! 

Camilla appeared on season 8 as a replacement and again on season 13 as an original bad girl. She has been one of my favorites in BGC history. Camilla graduated from college in 2020 and is now a Certified Massage Therapist. Since we’ve last seen her on the show,  she has had a baby girl named Dylan and currently has another bun in the oven! Congratulations!

Moment #4: Judi’s ‘VooDoo’ phrase 

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Miss Judi Jai is known as the Voodoo Vixen, and she appeared in seasons 7 and 13. We all know her for her famous saying, “I got the voodoo for you b*tches.” In the first episode of season 7, Judi found herself in some drama, but it was hilarious because she had her VooDoo Doll right beside her. She and another baddie, Priscilla, were arguing, Shelly stepped in, and Judi began to babble words (that I’m assuming were meant to scare the two away). For the rest of the episode, the girls continue to go at it, and Judi does everything BUT get rid of her doll! What a way to make a mark! 

Judi was booked and busy as she gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at upcoming appearances in a few magazines. She is also making her way into the music industry as she has recently dropped two singles this year, “Talkin’ 2 Myself” and “4 am in Atlanta.”

Last but not least, I want to say that although the fights and arguments are what mainly went down in the #BGC house, let’s not forget the long-lasting friendships that have been built after being on the show.

Moment #5: #ShanRock 

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Shannon, Sarich, and Raquel Santiago appeared on #BGC season 10 and quickly formed an alliance, #ShanRock. The two girls have had their ups and downs in the house but remained friends throughout. I have to say that both girls stood their ground at the BGC season 10 reunion. Unlike the other girls who came dressed in heels, the besties showed up in sneakers, and we all know what it means when the girls pull up to the reunion with sneakers! It is about to go down, and it did! Shannon wasted no time after she got on stage to fight her fellow castmate. Once Shannon was done, her bestie Rocky fought the same girl right after. Despite the number of fights the two girls were in, most importantly, if nothing else, they found sisterhood. 

On Rocky’s Instagram page, she recently wrote a sweet message to Shannon on her birthday, and she states, “ I am so thankful for BGC because I got YOU out of it….” Both women are mothers to beautiful children. 

If you want to keep up with the ladies of #BGC, you can, of course, find some of them on Instagram, others on Youtube, and Twitter! 

To rewatch select seasons of Bad Girls Club, subscribe to Hulu and watch  Baddies ATL with Tanisha, Natalie Nunn, and some of the other girls of the BGC house subscribe to Zeus.

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