13 Swiftie Reactions To All 13 ‘Midnights’ Tracks!

Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album, Midnights, is finally here, and if you’re wondering the big questions like, which one do fans connect with emotionally, which has us crying, and which one is the favorite? Here’s what Swifties have to say about all 13 tracks on the album.

The long-awaited Midnights album is officially out, and Taylor Swift fans are falling head over heels in love with it. Each song is brilliant in its own right, and Swifties have a lot of love for each of them. Here’s a collection of 13 Swiftie reactions for each of the 13 tracks of the album in celebration of Taylor’s tenth studio album release!

Lavender Haze

“Lavender Haze” is truly one of the songs in Midnights that goes the hardest. Not caring how other people perceive your relationship–and even better, knowing your partner doesn’t give a damn what other people think of you! That’s romance, baby.


Taylor did say “red emotions are the most powerful” in an interview with SiriusXM, and you can really feel that in “Maroon.” There are a lot of strong emotions emulated in this song; falling in love and falling out of it, what it’s like to wake up and remember them, to exist in the chaotic stream of love, lust, and heartbreak–the works. It’s definitely one of her more mature takes on these sorts of emotions, and I suppose that’s what makes it “Maroon.”


Self-sabotage, self-loathing, and insecurity is a running themes throughout “Anti-Hero,” and it’s probably one of Swifties’ favorite songs on the album. The raw vulnerability and honesty with listeners were so amazing to hear but equally as heartbreaking. We are our own worst critics, and when you’re someone like Taylor who’s faced a lot of cutthroat criticism, dealing with her own self-doubt can’t be easy to deal with. It’s certainly relatable on a smaller scale, though, and Swifties like this one feel these lyrics deeply but with good humor.

Snow On The Beach

Yeah, as much as “Snow On The Beach” was a fantastic song, I was expecting Lana Del Rey to come in with a verse of her own to sing. Well, you can’t get everything you wish for! Regardless, Lana and Taylor made a wonderful collaboration about “weird, but fucking beautiful” love.

You’re On Your Own, Kid

This song is a TEARJERKER! To feel lonely is hard enough on its own, but to highlight those moments when you are actually, genuinely on your own is both so validating and also so shattering. Taylor Swift, you done did it again, making your fans cry at your cuttingly accurate song lyrics, what do you have to say for yourself?

Midnight Rain

Have to say, “Midnight Rain” coming in right after “You’re On Your Own, Kid,” content-wise, is very smart. To talk about feeling all on your own and then transition to how you’d never be able to live a “comfortable” life, “wanting that pain,” creates a really intelligent duality. However, the opening to it was a little jarring at first but in the best way possible–this tweet was just too funny, it totally illustrates that feeling!


The feeling of uncertainty and unanswered questions, perhaps even questions you don’t know if you want the answers to but feel like you have to know anyway, is seeped into “Question…?” And, of course, we don’t know who this song’s about or if it’s even about anyone in particular, but some people noticed potential queer coding within the song and think it may be about questioning one’s sexuality, and that is a totally valid read on the song! It does come off slightly queer coded, and it’d be really interesting if that turned out to be Taylor’s original intention.

Vigilante Shit

“Vigilante Shit” makes you feel like The VillainTM and fans are here for it, and can you blame them? Anyone who says they haven’t wanted to “Draw a cat eye sharp enough to kill a man” is lying and they know it.


This Twitter user isn’t wrong in that “Bejeweled” when compared to Taylor’s folklore song, “mirrorball,” rides that line between hating who you are but knowing you succeed. It’s an interesting comparison, and it definitely reveals the complex nature of Taylor’s feelings about herself and how other people perceive her.


The final minute and a half of “Labyrinth” you just feel in your bones. The fear of getting hurt but knowing you’re falling in love anyway is visceral, and everything about the second half of this song from the instrumentals to the lyrics highlights that dizzying feeling.


Another song that can’t help but hit hard, “Karma” is basically Taylor saying, “Hey, you tried to take me down and that’s great and all, but I have my boyfriend and my cat and I’m doing really well. How are you?” Brr, is it getting cold in here or is it just this song?

Sweet Nothing

Joe Alwyn, Taylor’s partner, has gone by the pen name “William Bowery” on a couple of Taylor’s songs already, such as “betty,” “evermore,” “champagne problems,” “coney island,” and “exile.” Knowing that “Sweet Nothings” is likely about Taylor not only realizing her own feelings for Joe but Joe’s true feelings for her, AND that Joe wrote it with her… that’s love right there people. That’s romance, that’s beauty, that’s adorable.


Taylor’s intelligence has no bounds, and Swifties know this the best. The Easter eggs, the planning in advance, the genius songwriting, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Taylor was a mastermind and planned out ways to woo the lover she references in the song. At the end, when she reveals her plans to him, he just smiles, having known the whole time. Should this be about Joe Alwyn, that would simply be further proof that they’re perfect for one another.

And surprise! These are not the only songs on Midnights! Taylor announced the 3 am Version of Midnights with seven other tracks available for streaming, not to mention the Target Lavender edition with bonus tracks of its own. Go stream Midnights now!

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