13 Podcasts By Female Comedians!

Looking to spice up your podcast game? Listen to these female comedians with hilariously relatable experiences and brutally honest takes on life!

Podcasts become more and more popular every year, and it seems as though everyone has one nowadays. There’s such a plethora of podcast shows that you might feel as though you are missing out! Fear FOMO no more, because we’re suggesting 13 excellent podcast shows for you to listen to that will boost your podcast library’s reputation!

Iliza Shlesinger – Ask Iliza Anything

Ask Iliza Anything is a life advice and discussion podcast where Shlesinger, along with show producer Emily Higgins, answers questions written in from fans and followers. Between her terrific sense of humor and natural wide-range intelligence, Shlesinger proves she is the perfect person to offer her advice to. Listen to new episodes every Wednesday!

Esther Povitsky, Annie Lederman, and Khalyla Kuhn – Trash Tuesday

The three friends discuss their personal lives, relationships, and drama while frequently hosting guests on the show to join their fun conversations. There are plenty of LOL-worthy experiences and moments that Povitsky, Lederman, and Kuhn share on the show! Be sure to also check out the Trash Tuesday YouTube channel.

Nicole Byer – Why Won’t You Date Me? and Best Friends

In Why Won’t You Date Me? Byer discusses her single life – in other words, her entire life – and invites comedians, actors, dating professionals, and even ex-lovers to figure out her love life! Already intrigued? Then you’ll also love Byer’s Best Friends co-hosted by fellow actress and comedian Sasheer Zamata! The two BFFs talk about any random topic in their lives, take quizzes, answer questions regarding friendship, and chat with other bestie pairs.

Sarah Silverman – The Sarah Silverman Podcast

If you want to hear about Silverman’s strong yet could-change-at-any-moment opinions on literally anything, this is your podcast! Between politics, breakfast cereal, and everything in between, Silverman’s funny stories and knowledge of the world are the perfect dose of quality entertainment.

Tig Notaro – Don’t Ask Tig

As a comedian and non-expert, Notaro promises you will regret asking her your questions, which is what makes this podcast especially entertaining! Notaro invites her friends (and the occasional expert) on the show to answer fun advice questions.

Amy Schumer – Amy Schumer Presents: 3 Girls, 1 Keith

Schumer and her talented co-hosts Bridget Everett, Rachel Feinstein, and Keith Robinson give their hilarious takes on life, pop culture, politics, and of course, stand-up. They are quite a fun group to listen to!

Nikki Glaser – The Nikki Glaser Podcast

Glaser’s brutally honest take on life and her own personal experiences make for an excellent podcast show. She is joined by her co-host, best friend, and roommate Andrew Collin. The podcast releases new episodes every Monday through Thursday – you won’t want to miss out!

Sherri Shepherd and Kym Whitley – Two Funny Mamas

The title couldn’t fit more perfectly – who better to speak about being a mom, working in the entertainment industry as a woman, and culture than Shepherd and Whitley? And the topics they talk about don’t stop there. Shepherd and Whitley’s friendship and comedic attitudes are what make this show especially magnetic!

Carmen Lynch – The Human Centipod

Lynch and partner John Reynolds combine their backgrounds and talents in comedy entertainment to make a fun, quirky podcast. From pop culture, media, current events, and personal lives, Lynch and Reynolds make quite the fun couple to listen to!

Whitney Cummings – Good For You

Every week Whitney Cummings interviews friends, celebrities, comedians, and experts on Good For You. Aside from talking about careers, Cummings and her guest also converse about life, personal experiences, and opinions on various matters. This show is an extra fun one to listen to!

Fortune Feimster – Sincerely Fortune

Sincerely Fortune is different in that instead of deflecting with humor, Feimster is using her podcast to discuss topics in a more real and conversational manner. The best part? Feimster’s most frequent guest on the show is her mom, Ginger! If you’re interested in hearing Feimster’s sincere thoughts and stories, check it out.

Samantha Bee – Full Release with Samantha Bee

Bee, the host of the talk show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, has joined the podcast trend! Every week she sits down with a guest to have in-depth conversations regarding what’s going on in the world, how to keep a good sense of humor, and if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Bee’s thoughts and opinions are not only entertaining because of her great sense of humor, but also thought-provoking and sometimes comforting!

Hannah Berner – Berning In Hell

Hannah Berner brings a fiery show with Berning In Hell where she interviews guests about their personal… well, hell. Regardless of the fame or money, Berner’s interviewee has – fellow comedians, reality stars, and entrepreneurs – Berner has true heart-to-hearts with her guests proving that everyone has insecurities and fears of their own. If you want a good reality check, this is the podcast for you!

All of these female comedians are killing the podcast game, which is why you can’t go wrong with any of these shows. We hope you’ve found a new podcast to enjoy and to laugh along with!

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