10 Underrated Songs We NEED On Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Setlist!

We’ve rounded up the Taylor Swift songs that don’t get a lot of love in mainstream fandom but that Swifties would sell their soul to see performed at the Eras Tour this year!

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has been all over the news and social media lately, from fans posting their outfit inspirations to the Ticketmaster drama going to a Senate hearing thanks to angry Swifties speaking out against the concert industry giant. Swifties’ Eras Tour dream setlists have also been all over Twitter, but some songs are getting a lot less love than others. Listed here are 10 underrated songs that fans need Taylor to play on her tour this year.

‘Message in a Bottle (Taylor’s Version) [From The Vault]’

This dreamy song with a catchy chorus that was released on “Red (Taylor’s Version)” has some fans in a chokehold. This song definitely needs some play time, considering most of the vault songs have never been played live. Swifties on Twitter even think this song would make a good mashup with ‘Cruel Summer,’ a fan-favorite off of Taylor’s “Lover” album.

‘I Know Places’

While ‘I Know Places’ was a part of the 1989 World Tour setlist, Taylor’s iconic performance with amazing vocal runs has fans desperate for the song to make a comeback for the Eras Tour. This underdog song is one that demonstrates Taylor’s amazing vocal range, and her live performance of it is too good for it not to be on her tour.


One of Taylor’s more understated songs, ‘Clean’ has some die-hard supporters. This is especially because before her performance of it on the 1989 World Tour, she said, “The moment that you realize that you are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you or care about you, that moment when you realize that, it’s like you’re clean.” This wise wisdom from Taylor is the reason why ‘Clean’ resonates with a lot of fans and Swifties need it on the Eras Tour.

@samcarr if clean is on the setlist for the eras tour, i’m going to be a mess 🥺 this was a core memory, back in 2015 at the 1989 tour in london 🇬🇧 @taylorswift #taylorswift #tstheerastour #swifttok #swiftie ♬ original sound – sam


This song off of 1989 (Deluxe Edition) based on Alice in Wonderland isn’t at the top of many Eras Tour dream setlists, but it has many supporters of the dreamy lyrics and amazing vocals. On the 1989 World Tour and the Reputation Stadium Tour, Taylor played this song acoustically for a handful of shows, so hopefully, fans get it for a third time on the Eras Tour with a permanent place in the setlist.

‘Stay Stay Stay (Taylor’s Version)’

Probably the most unlikely song to be added to the Eras Tour setlist, ‘Stay Stay Stay (Taylor’s Version)’ has a lot of die-hard supporters. Even though they’re not very similar musically, some fans have even theorized that this song could possibly be mashed up with ‘All You Had To Do Was Stay,’ a banger off the 1989 album.

‘Forever & Always (Taylor’s Version)’

One of Taylor’s most iconic moments is her performance of ‘Forever & Always’ 13 years ago (a well-planned easter egg maybe?) when she pretended to be in an interview and tossed a chair off stage in a stunning sparkly red dress. It would be a dream for Swifties to experience that again in concert on this tour.

‘Don’t Blame Me’

Rumored to be about her current boo, Joe Alwyn, ‘Don’t Blame Me’ is a song that expertly showcases Taylor’s vocal range and is one Swifties hope they get to belt out at the Eras Tour. While it isn’t as popular as ‘Reputation’s’ powerhouses, ‘I Did Something Bad’ and ‘…Ready For It?’ it is a song fans would sell their soul to experience live this year.

@baylorpenney tb to #dontblameme live omgggg best night of my life. #taylorswift #theerastour #midnights @taylorswift @taylornation ♬ original sound – &lt3

‘Better Than Revenge’

This track has become more mainstream and popular recently with rumors surrounding Taylor’s re-recording of Speak Now. A lot of fans have been speculating a mashup of this song and Paramore’s ‘Misery Business,’ but hopefully, Swifties of this song don’t have to fight for tickets to the handful of shows where Paramore is opening to hear this song live.

‘Mad Woman’

Following the theme of revenge and mashups, ‘Mad Woman’ off of Folklore is a song fans are hoping is mashed up with ‘Vigilante Shit’ off of Midnights despite the vast difference in the way the two songs sound. Songs off of Folklore and Evermore don’t have a lot of love when it comes to fans’ dream Eras Tour setlists, but this is an underrated track that definitely deserves a little playtime.

‘I’m Only Me When I’m With You’

Lastly, this adorable song about friendship from Taylor’s debut album is a must for her tour; despite being on the album Swifties often rank as their least favorite. ‘I’m Only Me When I’m With You’ is a song that inspires a lot of nostalgia in older Swifties who would appreciate hearing it live. After all, a lot of Swifties are only themselves when Taylor Swift is blasting.

@missmiabrooke this song IS my childhood. 😫 #erastaylorswift #debuttaylorswift #debuttaylorsversion ♬ iomwiwy sped up – r & m &lt33

If at least one of these songs makes the setlist, it’s a huge win for fans of Taylor’s more underrated tracks. And don’t forget, Taylor does take fan suggestions, so keep posting your dream set lists on social media.

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