10 Underrated Justin Bieber Songs!

In no particular order, here are ten Justin Bieber songs that we believe deserve more hype than they have received from the public.

I Would 

Fans were so in love with Bieber’s Believe Album that he gave us three versions, one being acoustic. “As long as you love me” was a very popular song as we all know, even if you weren’t as familiar with Bieber, you knew this one– so when people went to listen to the acoustic album they would resort to the most popular ones that were already big hits. Obviously, in support of our truest love, Beliebers (Bieber’s fanbase) had to listen to the whole album and found “I would”, a new song discreetly added only as an acoustic version. The lyrics “If I could take away the pain and put a smile on your face, baby I would” refers to loving someone and wanting to be there for them even though they are still healing from the history of their past relationships. This song is definitely worth a listen if you haven’t already. 

Thought of You

In Justin Bieber’s 2012 Believe Deluxe edition, the song “Thought of you” is probably one of the most underrated songs on the album. The song is about being “infatuated with a girl and falling in love with just the thought of them.”  While this song is also in the same album alongside the classic hits “Beauty and a Beat”, and “Boyfriend”; “Thought of you” is just so catchy and upbeat you can’t help but want to get up and dance to it. 

Die In Your Arms

In the original 2012 Believe album, “Die In Your Arms” is a tune that gives the same amount of emotion as it does joy. The lyrics are mellow and sweet but the song also has a twist of a ‘step clap’ type of vibe. It is a blend of all things sweet, gentle, and serenading. 

Mark My Words 

“Mark My Words” was featured on Bieber’s Purpose album released in 2015. Belieber’s loved “Mark My Words” and the hardcore fans are taken aback by the fact this song didn’t get more hype. Throughout the entire song, Justin’s vocals were PRESENT!  His voice in every part of this song showcased his angelic voice. It is just so melodic and calming you could fall asleep listening to it. This specific song embodies his talent to a T, and by listening to it we are able to appreciate that. 

Off My Face

If you’re looking for a song to belt in the car and cry to, this is the one. “Off My Face”, presented in his album Justice, is so powerful as it connects relationships in ways that you wouldn’t think imaginable. A long-distance couple posts on Twitter “We are far away but when we miss each other we listen to ‘Off My Face’ and it’s like having her right by my side.” The fact that this song allows couples to feel connected even from miles away is so special and can never be replaced. There are not many ways to feel connected to a loved one when they live far, and this one just does it for you. The lyrics give a sense of how in love you are with someone it can make you completely thrown off at times, and it is such an exhilarating feeling. 


Justin Bieber must have put something extra special in this album because he also blessed us with the beautifully strung song “Lifetime”. I can promise you this is the song most of us will be dancing to at our wedding. It is so powerful and the lyrics make you feel the heartthrob you get from loving someone. There is just something about this song that causes you to feel it in your chest. A fan posted on Twitter “Lifetime is probably one of the best songs in Justin’s discography, she deserves better”. 


We’re In This Together  

In Justin Bieber’s R&B Album Freedom, he sings about his life and what questions came up along the way. He starts the song with the words “Only two years old, I was playing drums on the table. Guess I knew it was the only thing stable”. He goes on to sing about how he had to accept responsibilities as he grew older. He had fame at such a young age, it’s not normal for kids to have this kind of exposure as Bieber did. In the pre-chorus, the lyrics are “I’ve had everything in life that people strive for, just to ask the question, ‘what are we alive for?’” Yes he sings this song about the journey of his life, but also to spread positivity and we receive the message that “We’re In This Together.”


In Bieber’s 2013 Journals album, he says that his song “Recovery” is “an acknowledgment that in life you can’t just fall down and not get over things. You have to step up and recover.” The song makes a connection to his past relationship as he sings about acknowledging that their trust has been broken, but how he is ready to move forward, and even if it may feel like the world is ending, you have to push through. 

Common Denominator 

Justin Bieber’s 2009 debut album My World (iTunes Exclusive Edition) showcases the song “Common Denominator”. A classic love song: simple and meaningful. The lyrics just prove that: “Just a fraction of your love fills the air. And I fall in love with you all over again.” Fun fact! In 2011, Bieber tweeted “my fans are my common denominator”– be right back… going to cry.


Alright, so you would expect that because this song is the exact same name as the album title, it would be one of the most popular on the album right? RIGHT, BECAUSE IT SHOULD BE! Apple music; put one of those little stars next to this one because it is actually one of the best things that have happened since sliced bread. The song is also alongside significant songs such as “Sorry”, “Love Yourself”, and many more amazing tunes– but just listen to “Purpose” one more time. It deserves to be up further on the list for all of us.

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