10 Sunny Songs to Get You In A Summer Mood!

With warmer weather on the horizon, here are ten songs to add to your summer playlist for good vibes this summer.

Roll the windows down and crank up the music because when you’re auxing this summer, these songs will elevate your playlist and give it a little much-needed sunshine.

Lorde – Solar Power

Lorde’s hit song, “Solar Power,” is perfect to put on when laying at the beach listening to the sound of the ocean. With a cute acoustic guitar for a backing track, there’s no song with chiller vibes that will have you wishing you were dancing barefoot on the sand with her.

Marc Scibilia – Dressed for the Weather (ft. Thad Cockerel)

The perfect soundtrack to driving down the coast, “Dressed for the Weather” will have you bobbing your head with the windows down or throwing your hands out the sunroof as you bask in the warm sunshine.

OneRepublic – Sunshine

This upbeat song by OneRepublic will definitely have you feeling like a main character this summer whenever it plays. With a peppy tune and sunny lyrics, this song will have you enjoying the weather rain or shine.

Taylor Swift – Cruel Summer

One of Taylor Swift’s most viral hits, it’s impossible to hear “Cruel Summer” without wanting to jam along. No matter where you are in your relationship (or if it’s non-existent), this song will hit different and have you screaming the lyrics.

Gabe James – Thought of the Feeling

Summer always feels like endless possibilities and no responsibilities and this song will have you wanting to throw everything away for sunshine, and the people you love.

Miley Cyrus – Malibu

“Malibu” is the epitome of a beach song with breezy vocals and relaxing guitar. Putting on the music video will instantly transport you oceanside with Miley, the breeze in your hair and the sun on your face.

Vampire Weekend – Sunflower (ft. Steve Lacy)

“Sunflower” is such a bop and perfect to listen to with your friends on the way to summer plans. With positive energy in every note, this song will have you bobbing your head and singing along.

Hailee Steinfeld – Coast (ft. Anderson .Paak)

Another perfect song for driving to the beach, “Coast” will have you throwing your hands out the window and enjoying good summer vibes.

Emotional Oranges – West Coast Love

This bouncy hip-hop song will transport you to the California coast no matter where you are with ethereal vocals and a chill beat. Emotional Oranges can bring the summer energy to any plans you have in the warmer months.

Cody Simpson – Pirates Dream

“Pirates Dream” is sure to get you in the summer mood on even your saddest summer days. With cute acoustics and a beat that belongs on the beach, blast this song to bring the sunshine with you wherever you go.

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