10 Movies That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again!

When you watch movies like Harry Potter and The Princess and The Frog that shaped childhood and watching them now brings back those feelings. 

Movies have the magical ability to take you to different places, times, and memories. Watching movies as kids brings feelings of joy and the belief that anything is possible in this world. If you’re feeling nostalgic and need to get in touch with your inner child, we’ve got just the perfect remedy for you! Keep scrolling for 10 movies that will make you feel like a kid again!


This movie not only has the perfect amount of magic, but also a lot of really great life lessons. Matilda had all of us trying to move things with our minds and she might re-convince you of the power you still have inside, even if that power is a little different than telekinesis.

​​Akeelah and the Bee

Nothing says childhood like young Keke Palmer! The spelling bee champ takes us right back to our own pre-teen school days. Watching this movie, we remember how scary school and everything that it entailed felt in our youth. It also makes us remember the everlasting happy moments that school provided.

The Sandlot

The baseball loving gang had us laughing non stop back in the day, and it’s safe to say that they still do! Watching this movie now gives us all the childhood summertime feels!


When you’re 10, you feel like you can take one the world, and Miguel certainly reminds us of how determined we used to feel as kids when we had a goal in mind. Honestly we could all use some of his childlike optimism in our lives today!

Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone

A classic, this decade-long series symbolized the mark of childhood for several generations. The characters will take you back in time to an age where you believed in magic too! The first movie truly embodies everything childhood stands for.

Home Alone

In need of a good laugh? All the hijinks from this holiday film will still make you smile to this day! You’ll also be transported back to remembering what it feels like to live in your childhood home.

Spy Kids

We can confirm that after re-watching this movie, you’ll still be jealous of all the adventures that Carmen and Juni go on. The fancy gadgets and mysterious locations will let your imagination explore just as much as it used to!

The Princess and The Frog

Another iconic childhood movie, Tiana will stir up all those feelings of what your younger self imagined love to be like. Whether you’ve found that love or not, Tiana (and younger you) will remind you to never settle for love!

The Goonies

The title of the movie itself is child-like and amusing! Watching the gang fearlessly follow their dream of finding treasure, re-instills our playful side which is equally eager for adventure!


The heartwarming tale will make you want to hug your younger self. You’ll immediately be transcended to a time of trying to find your voice while learning how to stand up for your beliefs.

Enjoy these movies, and we hope you transport back in time to feel like a kid again!

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