10 LOL moments from ‘Big Mouth’ Season 6!

Every season of Big Mouth has left us rolling on the floor in laughter and season 6 is no different. Here are some of the funniest moments from the most recent season. 

Picking up where Season 5 left off, Season 6 of the raunchy Netflix cartoon finds its young teen characters facing a new semester at Bridgeton Middle — slightly older, not a bit wiser, and more sexually frustrated than ever as they adjust to new conditions and relationships. Through it all, though, the show remains as filthy, depraved, and gut-bustingly hilarious as ever. Let’s take a look at the funniest moments from Big Mouth Season 6.

Dinner with the Rabbi

Truthfully, most of this list could have been taken up with moments featuring Marty Glouberman, who has been a series all-star since the very first episode. Marty’s constant rage at anything and everything in the world is matched only by his disgust at his son’s endless sexual humiliations. In episode 5, Marty is unable to admit his jealousy and fear that his wife and the rabbi are having an affair, ultimately resulting in a “brisket-fueled rage.” When Barbara nags him for trying to eat before the rabbi has finished his blessing, Marty counters, “Oh who cares? You think God’s listening to us? He’s probably busy making a new COVID.” Things only get worse from there, much to Andrew and Bernie’s discomfort, until Barbara can’t take it anymore and finally leaves, middle finger in the air as she goes. Classic Marty, ruining everything and making everyone uncomfortable.

Devastated Wolf

The relationship between Matthew and Jay is never quite as solid as either of them wants to believe. They are both excited to be dating, but sometimes that isn’t enough, and disaster keeps befalling them. The two finally split up leaving Jay confused and afraid, and fled into the woods. “Devastated wolf!” he howls, making the subtext of their relationship into text. It’s very silly and yet heartbreaking at the same time, in a way only “Big Mouth” can pull off.

Girl We Got With Your Mom

Lonely loudmouth Lola’s storyline in Episode 7, “Dadda Dia!” turns on three very specific 1990s/early 2000s pop cultural references: the boy band explosion, the 1994 “hot coffee” lawsuit against McDonald’s, and the 1999 musical Mamma Mia! The song “Girl We Got with Your Mom,” is a pitch-perfect parody of the kind of bubble gum Y2K pop that sent NSYNC and Backstreet Boys to the top of the charts two decades ago. The Bros narrate the circumstances in which Lola’s mom Cookie had sex with all three of them in the same window of time to have possibly fathered Lola. But if it all seemed a little too good to be true, that’s because it was.

Dead Doves

Sometimes a joke doesn’t need to be sophisticated or some elaborately constructed callback. Sometimes, it just needs to be the sight of dead birds flopping out of a teenager’s backpack. In Jay’s attempt to romance it up with Matthew, he stuffs doves in his backpack, but we can all imagine how that turns out. The effort was there Jay.

Andrew’s Case File

Season 5 introduced love bugs, little cheerful firefly-looking creatures who accompany the first blush of a new relationship. But Flanny is not quite prepared for the horror show that is Andrew Glouberman’s sexual history, and soon finds his cheerful spirit crushed by Andrew’s massive case file. When Maury throws a heavy box full of papers marked “Andrew” in Flanny’s hands, the love bug is overwhelmed. Some files included were flatulence issues and “his f***in’ hats”.

Lady Pussysqueak

In Episode 6, “The Apple Brooch,” Missy tries to abstain from doing anything more than holding hands with Elijah, much to the dismay of her hormone monster Mona (Thandiwe Newton). Lacking the physical intimacy she craves, Missy pours her sexual frustrations into a fantasy world based on the hit Netflix romance Bridgerton. We absolutely loved this crossover and of course, it was Lola, who else would it be?

The Glouberman Swap

In the Freaky Friday-inspired finale, Andrew and his father switch bodies in order to help each other’s problems, however, Andrew (in his father’s body) is faced with having to have sex with his own mom! Maury, watching helplessly from the sidelines, can only offer “Just remember — you’ve been there before!” by way of comfort. Luckily, the body swap magic undoes itself at the last possible moment, putting Marty back in his own body underneath Barbara and putting Andrew back in his body, creeping by the door like a little pervert.

Hook Up House

But how to get the word out about the hookup house? By filming a commercial in the style of a 1-900 adult chat line from the 1990s and airing it on the morning announcements, of course! Shot with a gauzy filter and featuring Andrew, Nick, and Jay lounging around the gross attic in silk robes while a saxophone plays lustily in the background, it is the sort of thing that would be incomprehensible to any actual 13-year-old in 2022. But for viewers (and television writers) of a certain age, this genre of advertisement is burned into their memory, and Big Mouth gets the vaguely sexy, but mostly embarrassing details just right.

The Rice Purity Test

Everyone who watched this episode definitely re-lived their first time taking this test in middle school. For every act you’ve done, you subtract a point; the lower your score, the more degenerate you are. When Andrew introduces the test, it spreads like a virus. No one is terribly surprised that Jay’s score is 2, but Andrew’s surprisingly low score of 61 generates more than a little disgust. We applaud Big Mouth for including this crucial stepping stone to every kid’s journey through puberty.

Stev-o Cameo

Jackass and Big Mouth definitely exist in the same universe and this proves it. This was so unexpected and hilarious! It was worth the $78 Netflix, thank you.

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