10 Beyonce Songs to Get You Hyped for Women’s History Month!

Women’s History Month is all about celebrating and empowering women, so let’s take a look at 10 feminists anthems by our Queen Beyonce that you can add to your playlist this month.

Run the World (Girls)

This song is a classic and is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)

This dance will have the whole girl gang on their feet.


This is the perfect song to play while you are getting ready for a night out.


This song always helps boost the confidence.

World Wide Woman

Beyonce screams confidence in this song which is inspiring.

Upgrade U

This is another hit that Beyonce is addressing her confidence as a woman and what she can bring to a relationship.


This song is extremely empowering for when anyone treats a woman poorly and shouldn’t have to apologize for being strong and independent.

Pretty Hurts

This song highlights the societal expectations of women.


This Beyonce hit focuses on empowerment and taking charge in a toxic relationship.

If I Were A Boy

The expectations of what is okay and isn’t okay differ with gender and this song highlights how that comes into play in a relationship.

Don’t forget to add these hits to your playlist and the many more Beyonce songs that empower women!

About the Author

Tori Murphy

Tori Murphy is a junior at Penn State University studying Public Relations with a minor in Sports Studies.