10 Best Quotes From ‘The Bob’s Burgers Movie’!

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is officially available on Hulu so if you didn’t get the chance to catch it in theaters you can check out the 20th Century Fox film NOW! Here are some of our favorite quotes from the film. 

**Bob’s Burgers movie spoilers ahead**

Fire up the grill and get ready to watch the Belcher gang! The family has always been known for their humor and wit which was amplified even more in their first movie! From Linda, and Louise, to Teddy and even Mr. Fischoeder, here are 10 of the best quotes throughout the film.

“Why is she dropping these B-bombs on me like it’s nothing? It’s offensive. To, you know, babies.” – Louise Belcher

While at recess, Chloe Barbash calls Louise a baby because she wears her hat. This triggers Louis (rightfully so), causing her to find a way to prove that she’s brave and NOT a baby. God forbid the B-word.


“Fourth graders, why are you not sitting down? Or are you? it’s hard to tell, you’re all so small.” – Mrs. Labonz

Mrs. Labonz has always been so unintentionally funny. It is always so difficult to tell what grades kids are in these days because they somehow get smaller every year. If anything, Mrs. Labonz is right! She gets it.


“and a Scorpio, probably” – Gene Belcher

While in the living room, the Belcher family chats about who the murderer could be. Louise mentions how insane the crime committed was because the murderer not only killed someone but also buried the body. She says the suspect isn’t a murderer but a “murderer-burier” which is way worse. Gene, on the other hand, just guesses a Scorpio did it. Not a bad guess, Gene.


“Gene, I hope we do okay on that math homework. I was really wingin’ it.” -Linda Belcher

Middle school math is hard! As the kids are off to school, Linda kisses them before they begin their walk and as she waves them goodbye, she yells this relatable quote that hits a bit too close to home. I mean, who’s mom didn’t do their math homework for them at least once while they were in middle school?


“I’ll be there the whole time with you guys, keeping the banter going, being part of each other’s lives. You know, laughing, loving, learning” – Teddy

Since the sinkhole is still being investigated, Bob and Linda must find a new way to get creative since customers aren’t going to the restaurant. Teddy, being the sweetheart that he is, takes it upon himself to create the one-of-a-kind, “Bob burger mobile” to take to the pier so he can sell burgers in the street. Teddy’s love language has to be acts of service and quality time, he has the biggest heart ever! Here’s a live version of his mobile grill.

“Yeah, no we know. We’re friends now though, so, it’s okay, right? Yeah, thank you!” -Louise Belcher

Louise is arguably the funniest Belcher of the group. While she, Gene, and Tina are on the chase to find out what Felix is up to, they pass the ticket booth usher who tells them they can’t bring in their bikes. Louise and her persistence have always made her a rule-breaker making her response unintentionally hilarious. She has always been an exception to every rule.


“What?! Tina, get your head outta your boobs.” – Louise Belcher

While walking on the pier, Tina says she knows Felix is a murderer but still thinks his relationship with Fanny is sweet, considering their plans to flee the country. Louise is in shock over this, thinking that Tina is losing her mind, as she calls it a “he-fled,she-fled situation”. Tina, Louise, and Gene have always had the funniest sibling dynamic; constantly keeping it real.


“This was our daycare center-slash-bar… yep kids couldn’t handle their liquor.” -Mr. Fischoeder

As he gives the Belcher children a tour of what’s actually under the Wonder Wharf pier, he comes across the day bar otherwise known as the daycare center-slash-bar. Felix mentions that they had to shut it down and Mr. Fischoeder blames the children. You never know really whether or not he’s kidding when you’re chatting with Fischoeder…


“This is like, the worst rave.” – Gene Belcher

While stuck at the bottom of the sinkhole, in a clam car, with Grover burying them alive, the Belcher family must come up with solutions to get out of this mess and fast. After holding their breath, kicking the windshield to get the glass to break, and saying their goodbyes, Louise pulls out her Kuchi Kopi nightlight that refuses to turn on. I feel Louise’s pain when she tells her nightlight that it “only has one job”, the frustration is unbearable, especially in a time of crisis!


“you’re one of the bravest people I know.” – Bob Belcher

While still stuck at the bottom of the sinkhole Louise says she’ll never be brave which is a big part of why she never takes off her beanie. Louise was really scared when she first started preschool so her mom made her a pink hat with bunny ears to make her feel brave. That’s how Louise remembers it at least. Bob and Linda tell her the hat was actually made for her because it reminded them of Bob’s mom who always wore a pink beanie. This explains why Bob and Louise have always been so close; she reminds him of his mom while Louise and her grandma never got the chance to meet. It all makes sense now.


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