10 2000s Rom-Coms to Watch on a Night In!

Never know what movie to watch next? Here are 10 rom-coms from the 2000s you need to add to your watch list!

A Cinderella Story (2004)

A Cinderella Story is about a teenage girl named Sam who is sent to live with her greedy stepmother and rude step-sisters after her father dies. The story follows Sam as she unknowingly becomes pen pals with popular quarterback Austin Ames, and they plan to meet up at the high school Halloween dance. Hilary Duff, Chad Michael Murray, and Jennifer Coolidge all-star in this classic. It’s available for rent on Amazon Prime Video, Youtube TV, Apple TV, and Google Play.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days follows advertising expert Benjamin Barry as he makes a bet that he can make a woman fall in love with him in 10 days. Meanwhile, Andie Anderson plans to write an article about how she led her boyfriend to break up with her. This film stars Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, and you can watch it on Amazon Prime, The Roku Channel, or Paramount+.

Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Bridget Jones, determined to improve herself and her love life, decides to keep a personal diary. The story unfolds when two men begin to vie for her attention, adding chaos to her life. Catch this film on Paramount+, The Roku Channel, or Youtube TV!

Mamma Mia! (2008)

If you’re ever in the mood for both a rom-com and a musical, Mamma Mia! should be at the top of your watch list. The story follows a bride-to-be as she invites three men to her wedding, hoping one of them will be her father. With Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried, along with a soundtrack from ABBA, this film is a lot of fun. Watch it on Peacock!

The Proposal (2009)

Starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, The Proposal is about a book editor who lies about being engaged to her boss to keep her visa status and escape deportation to Canada. The two quickly become tangled in their lies, causing their relationship to evolve. Watch this movie on Hulu or Sling TV!

50 First Dates (2004)

50 First Dates follows Henry, played by Adam Sandler, as he falls in love with Lucy, played by Drew Barrymore. Henry quickly discovers Lucy has amnesia, which causes her to forget every day when she falls asleep. Henry devises a plan to win her over every single day. Stream this movie now on Max or Amazon Prime Video!

Enchanted (2007)

Enchanted is a Disney classic. The story follows Giselle as the Evil Queen sends her to New York to stop her from marrying the Prince. Giselle must navigate the new city and find a new happy ever after. The film stars James Marsden, Amy Adams, and Patrick Dempsey. It’s available to stream on Disney+!

13 Going on 30 (2004)

13 Going on 30 is about a 13-year-old girl named Jenna who wishes she was 30-years-old during her birthday after being humiliated by her classmates. She then unexpectedly awakens as a 30-year-old woman with everything she ever wanted except for her best friend Matt. Watch this classic on Max or Amazon Prime Video!

500 Days of Summer (2009)

500 Days of Summer stars Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The film follows a nonlinear storyline as the film begins with Tom being dumped by the love of his life. Throughout the movie, he reflects on the relationship, what went wrong, and how to win her back. It’s available on Hulu, The Roku Channel, and Amazon Prime Video!

Bride Wars (2009)

Bride Wars is a film about two best friends who end up becoming rivals after they schedule their weddings on the same day. Liv and Emma are forced to face their inner demons as their lifelong friendship is on the line. This film stars Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, and you can watch it on Max, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video!

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