Zoey’s Getting Glitchy – S1 E8 ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Recap & Review

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If you could peer into everyone’s inner thoughts through a filter of music, would you? As Zoey struggles with her new ability that may or may not be an indication of lack of sanity, we’re here every week on the AFTERBUZZ TV ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST AFTER SHOW PODCAST breaking down each episode of our new favorite show! From news and gossip, story arc discussion, and even some predictions on what’ll happen to Zoey next! Subscribe and leave a comment to stay up to date!

After receiving heartbreaking news, Zoey suffers a mysterious “glitch” in her powers. She has to sing to her two potential loves Max and Simon ending in awkwardness all around. Hopefully her powers will come back the right way. And she admits her love to Simon very awkwardly and they share an inappropriate kiss. And at the end of the episode she goes to Mitch, her dying father. 

  • Hosted by Amir Yassai (@amiryass_), Brandon Hanna (@brandonhanna07), Emily Mae (@emilymaeheller)

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