Zero to First Female Billionaire S1 E1 ‘Self Made’ Recap & Review

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Following the life of Madame C.J. Walker as she becomes the first female billionaire. Facing racism, sexism, and a divorce; this story is one to know; and one we’re excited to explore in the SELF MADE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST! Join us weekly as we break down each episode! Subscribe and comment to join the conversation!

We start episode 1 of Self-Made: Inspired by the life of Madame C.J. Walker in the early 1900’s where she is living the life of a laundry wash maid. After gaining confidence due to proper hair product treatment, an idea sparks in her to create her own line. Through trials and tribulations, other things spark but the most important flame is the one that never went out inside of her.
  • Join hosts Dot, Chef Beanz, and Leigh aka 50 Plus & Fabolous as they dive into what it takes to keep on fighting. Thanks for tuning in here at Afterbuzz TV!!!
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