YouTuber’s You Need To Subscribe To!

Need some new content? Here’s a list of 7 people you have to subscribe to on YouTube!

With the rise of TikTok, YouTube has seemed to get left in the dust. It’s much more convenient now to scroll through short clips than to commit to a lengthy video. However, YouTubers are still putting out great content that continues to get overlooked. Here’s a list of some YouTube channels you should definitely subscribe to for some entertaining content!

Colleen Ballinger

Although many know her as Miranda Sings, Colleen carries that same humor and fun energy into her own personal videos. She has her own little family now with her three children and wonderful husband. Her videos are super positive and fun as she does trending challenges and gives some insight into her life currently. Even if you’re not a fan of the family content, her sense of humor comes out in each of her videos, definitely making it worth a watch!

Lauren Giraldo

Many of us know her as ‘Princess Lauren’ from Vine, but she has come such a long way since then and creates really amazing content. She was the creator of the popular workout trend ‘12, 3, 30’ so a lot of her videos revolve around promoting her daily lifestyle along with how she works to stay healthy. What’s so fun about her channel is how relatable she is which makes her fans love her that much more. If you’re looking to get inspired or just be entertained by day-in-the-life vlogs, you should totally subscribe to Lauren!


These former O2L members are some of the funniest people on YouTube currently. They are always doing crazy things and their group of friends is hilarious so you’ll be non-stop laughing. They even started a series on their channel known as ‘Reality House’ where they get other well-known influencers into a house and they complete challenges. There’s an award for the last person in the house making it intense to watch. These guys are incredibly creative with their content and constantly thinking of new material you won’t want to miss out on!


If you love fashion, Karen’s channel is perfect for you! She’s super underrated, but incredibly active when it comes to posting every week. She does a lot of hauls to show off new fashion trends to keep a lookout for and does a really great job keeping her audience in the loop with the fashion world. Even though she’s always showing off her own style, her brand thrives on inspiring others to own their own unique style. If you’re looking for fashion advice or just motivation to try new things, Karen is the perfect guide for you!

Danny Duncan

If you’re looking for some excitement, Danny Duncan is just the person you need to watch! His videos are super fun as he is always trying crazy tricks and pranks on people. What makes him so entertaining to watch is how he does things you’d never expect someone to do or be able to pull off. His content is original and creative, along with his great sense of humor that will get anyone to laugh. Definitely check out his channel if you’re looking to see crazy tricks and pranks that you never thought were possible!


Kathleen is one of the most positive and happy YouTubers I’ve ever watched. Her videos will always put you in a good mood with her bubbly personality and amazing sense of humor. Kathleen’s channel is mainly centered around makeup where she tries new products so we don’t have to along with sharing her best tips when it comes to doing her own makeup! Aside from makeup, Kathleen does mukbang and ‘eat with me’ types of videos as well where we get to see more of her goofy and fun side. If you’re passionate about makeup like Kathleen and enjoy a good laugh, you should totally check out her channel!


JiDion will always get you to laugh no matter what with his super funny content. He loves pranking people and doing crazy things that you’d never even think of doing. He’s recently gotten very popular among fans and grew his channel fairly quickly which is super impressive. His vlog-style videos where he messes with strangers are an easy watch that will have you in tears. If you like prank-style videos and getting a good laugh in, JiDion is someone new you need to watch!

With new entertainment platforms taking off, it’s easy to think of YouTube as a thing of the past, but the truth is that there are still amazing creators posting quality content. If you’re ever bored with what you’re watching or just need someone new to follow, these are a few YouTubers you’re going to want to definitely subscribe to!

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