Your Guide To Hilarious Netflix Stand-Up Comedy Specials!

Want to know which stand-up special is perfect to share with your parents, or watch with your bestie? We have some great suggestions!

Netflix is arguably the go-to streaming platform for stand-up comedy. But when there’s so much stand-up content to watch, and numerous comedians with various humor styles, it can be difficult to decide which specials to start with! We’re here to help you, so below is your ultimate guide for stand-up comedy on Netflix, including suggestions on watching buddies to enjoy the specials with.

Watching with Family

Ken Jeong talks bluntly about race, finding fame from The Hangover, and meeting his wife in You Complete Me, Ho. His sense of humor and funny experiences are great stories to share with parents and other family members who will enjoy laughing with you during this stand-up special.

Bill Burr’s numerous childhood stories from his special Paper Tiger make for a perfect family-friendly comedy special. His short temper and neuroticism are frighteningly appealing and funny, while being hilariously relatable.

John Mulaney provides fun stories about his relationship with his parents in Kid Gorgeous. From talking about ghosts with his mom, getting what he thinks was the sex talk from his dad, and paying for college, Mulaney’s stories provide quite a laugh for families to enjoy.

Watching with Friends

Iliza Shlesinger’s Elder Millennial is full of laugh-out-loud jokes and relatable stories – and not just for millennials! Between the dating scene and partying with your friends, Shlesinger has funny takes and hilarious opinions you will not want to miss out on hearing.

Anjelah Johnson-Reyes knows how to please a crowd. It’s quite obvious how naturally humor comes to her, and her storytelling capabilities will have you and your friends laughing immediately! Grab a bestie and press play on her special Not Fancy.

Taylor Tomlinson’s Quarter-Life Crisis contains all the relatable jokes that twenty-somethings need to hear. You and your friends will love listening to Tomlinson’s take on dating, sex, and living life in your 20’s.

Watching with Your Significant Other

Between his candid thoughts and honest yet simple opinions, Tom Segura’s Disgraceful is full of ideas you would only be comfortable laughing along to with your partner. From parenthood to porn, Segura’s sense of humor is one you will want to get to know better!

Ali Wong knows how to deal with her traditional parents’ complaints, take pride in being the breadwinner of her household, and do the hardest job of all – being a damn good mom. Couples will enjoy listening to Wong’s take on relationships in her special Baby Cobra!

Let’s talk about sex… or just listen to Amy Schumer talk about sex in The Leather Special! Embarrasing stories with hilarious punchlines about dating, sex, and femininity versus masculinity are exactly the type of jokes that you and your S.O. will enjoy laughing about together!

Watching with Me, Myself, and I!

Have a dark sense of humor? Anthony Jeselnik is your guy! His deadpan sense of humor in his special Thoughts and Prayers will have you on your toes waiting for an unpredictable punchline.

It’s easier to laugh when you’re watching something with other people, but Donald Glover’s Weirdo is funny enough to laugh along with even when watching alone! His jokes about cereal, why kids are shady, and responding to comments about playing Spider-Man are easily humorous and fun.

Jim Jeffries is no stranger to raunchy and blunt humor. His thoughts on relationships, religion, and American politics are nothing short of being thought-provoking and hilarious. Take a look at his incredibly well-done special Freedumb!

We hope you’ve discovered a new stand-up special to watch on Netflix! Whether watching alone or with a buddy, laughter is certainly the best medicine that these talented comedians provide in their hilarious Netflix specials!

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