Wreaking havoc on mystic falls – S2 E13 ‘Legacies’ Review

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Mystic Falls is popping up again as the new generation makes it’s appearance! Join the LEGACIES AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW every week for all the discussion and shipping you can take! Each week, we’re breaking down the newest episode of Legacies from the characters, to the plots, to of course, even the relationships. Subscribe for possible special guest interviews as well as fun special segments and juicy news and gossip about the show every single week!

Episode Recap

Dark Josie makes her appearance. Alaric, Dark Josie, and Lizzie have to work together to find a way out of the prison world. Kai meets some of the other characters in the real world, and creates chaos. Hope and Kai have a showdown. Landon saves Dorians life and discovers a new power. The Necromancer and Kai don’t see eye to eye. 

Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Haley Graves (@haley1graves2), Shiksha “Bollygirl” Mahtani (@iambollygirl)

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