World on Fire S1 E7 Recap & After Show: Making Amends, Losing Everybody

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We’ve seen depictions of WWII but none like this. On the AFTERBUZZ TV WORLD ON FIRE AFTER SHOW our hosts will break down everything, from the Nazi invasion of Poland to the fall of Paris and beyond. While brining you interesting insights, news and gossip and more each episode!

  1. As Harry prepares for a dangerous mission he tries to make amends with his mother, with Lois, and her father.
  2. Robina tries to be a mother, Douglas tries to be a friend.
  3. Lois has her (and Harry’s) baby and accepts Vernon’s marriage proposal.
  4. Nancy visits Douglas in Paris and faces a proposition to save Albert from her minder that she just can’t accept.
  5. Kasia is caught and sent to the gallows but an explosion allows her to escape where she’s reunited with Harry. She tells him that she’s not the same person he married.
  6. Who was that man at the top of the hill??
Hosted By: Loren Kling and Toree Weaver

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