World on Fire S1 E6 Recap & After Show: Paris Has Fallen… And So Has Everything Else

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We’ve seen depictions of WWII but none like this. On the AFTERBUZZ TV WORLD ON FIRE AFTER SHOW our hosts will break down everything, from the Nazi invasion of Poland to the fall of Paris and beyond. While brining you interesting insights, news and gossip and more each episode!

Episode Recap

Danger is closer than ever as the war continues. Paris has fallen without putting up a fight and citizens are impacted immediately. Webster fears for Albert after he is notified of his arrest. If that isn’t enough on his plate, he sneaks Tom out of the hospital after being questioned by German soldiers. Harry returns home for a brief period and meets with mother-to-be Lois. Their conversation goes well until he over steps his boundary and loses Lois for good. Frustrated and wanting to help the cause, Harry volunteers his services as a spy. In Berlin, things have taken a bad turn as Mr. Rossler and his wife are taken in for questioning. The worst seems to be over until a tragic incident leads the party member to his breaking point. The hosts discuss all of this and their predictions on this episode of Afterbuzz TV’s World on Fire Aftershow.
Hosts: Loren Kling and Toree Weaver

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