With Prize Money Dwindling Down Do These Hot Singles Have What it Takes to Leave Paradise Paid? – S1 E7 ‘Too Hot To Handle’ After Show

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Filmed in Paradise, netflix’s Too Hot To Handle weighs the question of whether or not sexy singles can give up any form of sexual contact for money when it’s all too easy. Join us on the TOO HOT TO HANDLE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW where we’re covering all the episodes, all the drama, and all the hot steamy moments! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.

In the second to last episode of the season, Kori Sampson has the option to take one of the girls on a date. Even though he has been hanging with Chloe Vietch, and made out with her which cost the gang $3,000, he decides to pick Francesca Farago who has a solid connection with Harry Jowsey. Francesca doesn’t want to go but decides to take the date as a test to see how strong her connection with Harry really is, which upsets fellow cast-mate, Chloe. The girls finally are getting their own workshop as Shan Boodram comes back to hold a Yoni Juga session. The girls explore themselves and their genitalia coming out of the exercise more connected with themselves and each other. Francesca apologizes to Chloe for taking the date with newbie Kori and the two make amends. In the meantime, David Birtwistle sets up his own little date with Lydia Clyma which, because of a rule break, costs the house another three grand. That isn’t it for the rule breaks, however, Lana is always watching and catches Harry and Francesca in the act at night. The house meets in the palapa only to find out their $100,000 fortune has now dwindled down to $43,000! With one episode to go, will there be any money left? Check out our coverage of episode eight Monday at 3PM to find out!
Hosts: Michael Thieling, Kelsey Meyer, Toree Weaver and Jessie Zahner

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