Witch Side Are You On? – S1 E1 ‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ Recap & Review

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Witches have never been hotter, and now, we’re covering TV’s best new witch Show, Motherland: Fort Salem. Each week, our incredible team of AfterBuzz TV hosts is here to recap all of the magic, with expert commentary, cultural insights, and even wild fan theories and predictions. From Harry Potter to Eastwick to AHS: Coven, TV Witchdom is a hellishly wonderful space, and we’re here to make sure YOU don’t miss a thing.
In the pilot episode, we’re introduced to an alternate America and meet the women who help protect it. Tally is a bright young woman who defies her mother’s wishes and enlists in the U.S. Army. Raelle is compassionate and brave, but feels wronged by the military for taking her mother from her. Abigail comes from an esteemed military family and will do everything in her power to uphold her legacy. These women say the oath, get grouped together as a unit, and begin their journey to fight for their country against the terrorist group known as The Spree. All of this and more on the Motherland: Fort Salem AfterShow!
Hosts: Bryant Santos, Gunner Teixeira, Kevin Allen, Toree Weaver
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