Will Lily die in 48 hours? – S1 E4 ‘Devs’ Recap & Review

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Lily still wants to investigate the murder of Sergei without calling the police while Jamie thinks doesn’t think it’s a good idea to do all that by themselves. In the meantime Lynden is developing a code which makes her hear a male voice from about 2000 years ago speaking in Aramaic. Forest out of a sudden fires her as he believes she is lying and making the whole thing up. Lynden can’t believe his decision and has a hard time to leave Devs. Surprisingly Katie, usually always playing after the rules’ uses the code Lynden developed to show Forest his daughter playing with bubbles in the past. He can’t believe is and starts crying. When Lily comes to her home Kenton is already waiting for her taking her to the psychiatrist who is part of the mob Devs created in town. After Kenton leaves with Lily he tells her that he found out that Lily is not schizofrenic and made the whole story up. They get in to a fight and are having a huge car crash in the middle of the freeway. Lily can escape and runs home to finally call the police. But when the police is showing up at her door front, she is realizing that Devs is not just working together with the psychiatrist even the police is doing what they want and arresting Lily for personal injury against Kenton.
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