Why We Love Chef Sydney From ‘The Bear’!

Have you seen Chef Sydney in The Bear? With how incredibly relatable and authentic she is, it’s hard to not love her.

Chef Sydney has kept it real all season by showing her ability to be vulnerable, communicate healthy boundaries with her peers, AND rise to a leadership position all while also staying true to herself through her sarcasm and bluntness. Here are some of the moments that made us fall in love with her!

In episode 2, Sydney has to drive Richie’s car but as she sits down in the driver’s seat she tries to change the gears and he tells her she is supposed to wiggle it. She responds with witty sarcasm responding, “oh I should have known I was supposed to wiggle it”, saying what everyone else is thinking. Well played, Chef.


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In episode 3, Chef Sydney and Chef Carmy sit outside and reflect on the recent workplace dynamic. She begins communicating more effectively and setting healthy boundaries to improve the overall restaurant space for everyone involved. We love a girl who knows her boundaries!


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Chef Sydney has stepped up to the leadership role even though she was apprehensive to begin the French brigade positions in the beginning. Chef Carmy put her into the position and didn’t give her much of an option when it came down to it. However, her perseverance is admirable as she slowly but surely cleans up the kitchen staff’s behavior.


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Marcus is the baker of the restaurant. After a ton of trial and error work, Marcus has finally perfected his desserts and is ready to share them with the rest of the crew. He collaborated with Chef Sydney at times and you can see how much more confidence she gives him in the kitchen. It’s so sweet to watch this more gentle side of her.

Chef Sydney is known for keeping it real. In fact, at one point in the show, she tells Richie his misogynistic jokes are “sooooooo funny”, not being afraid to bring him down a peg or two with her sarcasm. Someone has to do it!


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In episode 5, chef Sydney comes up with the brilliant idea to have an outdoor oven for a bit after the restaurant’s gas line goes down and the power goes out. Not only does she come up with the idea and get the rest of the staff involved, but she goes as far as getting materials from a construction site to complete the setup with bricks and wood. Her innovated skills are unmatched, to say the least.


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Never underestimate Chef Sydney’s ability to step up to the plate. You can stream The Bear, exclusively on Hulu.

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