Why Tyler Cameron Should Be The Next Bachelor

Who will be the next Bachelor? Well, while we don’t know and can’t answer that question just yet, we’re here to tell you why we think it should be Tyler Cameron.

Tyler Cameron is pretty much all of Bachelor Nation’s favorite man, best known for being the runner-up in Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette in 2019. As speculation has been circulating as to who will be the next bachelor for this upcoming season, we’re desperately hoping it will be Tyler Cameron. There’s much more to Tyler Cameron than just his dreamy looks and if you’ve done your research then you know he’s a 10/10, but in case you didn’t, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s some background on our top dream bachelor contestant: he’s from Jupiter, Florida, and is a family man from what we saw when he was on The Bachelorette and through his social media posts. During his time on the show, Tyler was open about his father’s health issues, which almost led him to step down from the opportunity to be on the show, but he explained how his father was the one who encouraged him to pursue it and hopefully find love with the bachelorette at the time, Hannah Brown.

He also shared the struggles he and his family faced, including his parent’s divorce. Tyler truly let us into his heart, winning fans over with his authenticity. Sadly, the hardships continued as Tyler’s mother, Andrea, passed away unexpectedly in February of 2020, leaving behind him and his two younger brothers. The former Bachelorette contestant connected with Venus Williams via Instagram live and discussed all things personal, including how he aims to take care of his brothers, Austin and Ryan, following the loss of their mother.

Aside from being family-oriented and appearance, which we already knew was a plus, Tyler continues to check our boxes in the “giving back” category. He and his best friend/former Bachelor from Season 25, Matt James, are co-founders of ABC Food Tours, which is an NYC non-profit organization dedicated to bringing underprivileged children on food excursions and educating them on what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. The special part about ABC Food Tours is that the children are brought to city restaurants that they wouldn’t normally be able to go to, but Tyler and Matt’s organization allows them to have a positive learning experience and get their tummies full. Now that’s a double whammy and another reason Tyler is the stand-up guy that we’re all looking for!

While we know everything happens for a reason and we won’t go too in-depth on his past relationships, it seems that all roads lead back to square one: single. Our hearts shattered when we watched Hannah Brown let go of Tyler and get engaged to the other contestant during the season finale, but we had hoped that maybe the best was yet to come for him. In August of 2019, it was reported that The Bachelorette runner-up had been connecting with the iconic model, Gigi Hadid. Although they went on several dates over the course of a few months and had all of Bachelor Nation rooting for them, the two went their separate ways and called it quits. Another one bites the dust and seeing Tyler’s former relationships fall through only makes us want to see him as The Bachelor even more.

From his looks to his priorities and genuine heart, Tyler has proven himself to be the full package… the exact full package we want to see as the next Bachelor. He’s an all-around stand-up guy, what more could you ask for? If you didn’t feel as strongly about him being the next Bachelor, then we hope our reasonings changed your mind. Rooting for him always, on or off-camera.

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Ali Mickiewicz

Ali Mickiewicz is a senior at The Pennsylvania State University majoring in Broadcast Journalism and an intern at AfterBuzz TV and Better Together with Maria Menounos.