Why Tiffany “New York” Pollard Is The HBIC Of Reality Television!

Tiffany “New York” Pollard is an American reality TV personality who got her start on VH1’s, Flavor of Love in 2006. Through her many shows, she created iconic lines and memes throughout the years. Here’s why she really is and forever will be, the “Head Bitch in Charge” of reality TV. 

She’s Extremely Dramatic

New York has so many funny great moments from the shows she’s been on due to how dramatic she is. She isn’t afraid to pass out, scream, cry, and ‘do the most’ no matter where she is and who she’s around. She embraces our best selves when we are genuinely spiraling out or feeling a bunch of mixed emotions all at once.

She Doesn’t Care What People Think

Whatever she’s feeling she’s going to project it and say it. If she’s mad; if she loves you; and if she does not like you, you will surely know. New York also makes it known that if she has a goal she will get to it no matter what it takes. She doesn’t care who it may hurt, to get what she wants. Even when she’s aware many may not like her it doesn’t stop her from getting to her goals. She wears her emotions on her sleeves.

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Her Family Is Also A Source Of Entertainment

New York herself has a big enough personality to represent several people but her mother is the icing on the cake. Sister Paterson has made an appearance on almost all the shows New York has been on and she’s always supplied us with nothing but entertainment.

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Whether it’s her being disappointed, disgusted, or happy, Sister Paterson gives us the dramatics! Now we see where New York gets it from.

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She Loves Love!

Everyone wants to be loved and New York is no exception. From her start in, Flavor of Love she made it clear to America that she wants a person to be with for the rest of her life. It just so happens that at first, she believed that person was Flavor Flav. Even though New York has never won a season on the show, she to this day makes it clear she will always have a love for Flav. She did everything and anything just to be with him. You could truly tell, unlike others, that she did not come for fame.


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It just worked out in her favor that she got fame and other opportunities to find love after the show. Once America saw New York get her heart broken twice, many felt for her and wanted to see her get the love and relationship she had been fighting for. Therefore Vh1 put together, I Love New York so America can still get that source of entertainment while she finds her significant other.

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Within all these shows of New York looking for love, viewers saw what embodied themselves when watching her, just in a more entertaining way. They would see themselves crushing, being jealous, and being heartbroken over someone, and then wanting to do it all over again just for love. That’s why we love her.

She Provided Us With Many Nostalgic TV Shows

Flavor of Love was just the beginning for New York. She has had many spin-offs, but the first and most memorable one is I Love New York (2007-2008). It had two seasons and both winners did not have a long-lasting relationship with New York. By 2008 she gave up on the love shows and had another show called, New York Goes to Hollywood. This show would allow New York
to do what’s needed to elevate herself within the Hollywood industry. She would take acting classes, do commercial shoots, try singing, and more!

Next in 2009, she had another show, New York Goes to Work where America would vote for a 9 to 5 job New York can work for a day? She tried ghosthunting, exterminating, pig farming, working at a nudist resort, being a fast-food worker, and more!

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After that, she took a little break and made a comeback to reality TV in 2016/2017 appearing in The Next 15, Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn, Scared Famous and Celebrity Big Brother UK season 17.

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She has been on many more shows and now her most recent show, Brunch with Tiffany on Vh1, has her sit down, eat, and talk to her celebrity guests.

She Is Iconic

She has given us multiple memes, sayings, and even music video inspirations!

New York just is that girl and there’s no explanation needed. She had created a path for many within reality TV because she was the first black African American woman to ever make such a big impression on a show for her time and continues on to do other shows to this day.

She really is the HBIC of reality television!

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