Why can‘t things stay the way they were? Because of time – S1 E8 ’Tales From the Loop’ Recap & Review

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If there was a machine that could figure out the secrets of the universe… how big would it be? Apparently big enough for people to live on it; because on the Tales From The Loop AfterBuzz TV After Show, we are breaking down each episode of this ‘loopy’ amazon show! Join us every episode for discussions on plot, theory, and amazement. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Episode Recap

Cole, now in middle school, meets Ms. Sarah, who offers her ear to Jakob’s little brother and a book.
Cole tries to connect with his older brother who’s moved out of the house to live in town and work at MCEP. While visiting Jakob he soon learns that it’s actually Danny. So where’s the real Jakob? In a robot out in the woods.
Cole finds his real brother trapped inside a robot and hugs him. He tells Jacob-Robot that mom ‘will fix things’ and they set off to find her in the city. But Jacob-Robot is cut short, not because of a fight that he won against another robot, but because of an important object that he lost after the fight.
Cole finds a running stream that wasn’t so runny that last time he crossed it but which returns a soccer ball that he had just sent down it’s path a moment earlier.
Returning to town, Cole finds a much older Loretta who tells him that the stream is why she — and everything else — is much older.
A beautiful montage shows us how Loretta’s life has been a continuing series of losses — her son, her mother-in-law, her husband. Cole has returned to a time where “Danny” is a father.
Cole finds his grandma’s old camera and takes a picture of a crying Loretta. CLICK.
A grown-up Cole is in front of his old house with his wife and son. Time has passed. CLICK.
Hosted by: Loren Kling, Kevin Allen, and Lauren D. Martin (Background Costume Coordinator, eps. 2-8)

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